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Bucket List Building: On the Run

Those dream races, out-of-the-box costumes, and runcations that Coach Christine has more than likely done: THOSE are what usually running dreams waiting to happen.

As people in general, we tend to always have something that we WANT to do, even if we aren't brave enough to say it out loud. Few of us fully embrace those dreams though and Coach Shelby is definitely going to be taking a page out of Coach Christine's book this week and revisiting her bucket list to take it from a wish list to an actual punch list.

Christine talks a lot on this episode about DOING the items on her list, not just having them sit there collecting dust. Did you listen and hear about her Mermaid Parade and Naked 5k??? Here is the photo evidence!

(Mermaid Parade, Naked 5k "Flat Runner", Coach Christine with 5 of the 6 World Major Medals)

Everyone's list can be different, just like every runner is different. Maybe for you, it's a BQ, the RunDisney Dopey Challenge, or even breaking the tape at a race, it all can fill your eyes with stars and your stomach full of butterflies. We shared on this week's long run our bucket list items as well as those from our bRUNch community.

A few of the highlights:

None of those speak to your running soul? That's ok!!

Explore, research, and find what excites you to lace up and show up:

Looking for ideas and guidance on how to not just dream about these races but actually make it happen? Our Goal Digger Workshop or 1:1 coaching are both great options for those looking to grow, build, and have an action plan built for them!

Not into setting goals for your running but have big plans off the roads/trails? We got you covered! Head over to Part II for some non-running bucket list building.
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