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Bucket List Building: Beyond the Run

Maybe you are reading this feeling like there is NOTHING beyond running

*Gasp, shrieks, scream---there are other activities other than running?!?!?!*

We are sorry to break it to you but yes, life outside of running exists. (We know, we don't like it either but here we are.) Take a few deep breaths before you continue, we'll wait.

In between our training cycles especially we need to focus on our other interests, goals, and maybe our family as well. To keep our minds and legs fresh we didn't want to leave out the possibilities to expand our horizons to experiences.

While Christine one day wants to join a Samba Parade and Shelby is going to tackle writing a book there are plenty of other great options out there:

This is when we can expand our idea of success and take out the "brag-worthy" idea that often is associated with Bucket List items. these goals aren't for bragging rights, clout, or for anyone else. What may seem small to one person can be the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest for others. Just like running, it all starts with one step.

You may have heard us reference it in our episode about how "Failure" has a negative connotation but take a listen to Spanx Founder, Sara Blakely, about how her dad approached failure and how it shaped her growing up. It may give you that extra pep to take the step and add some of the above activities/goals to your Bucket List.

Drop us an email at and share your bucket list! We want to celebrate with you and also may take some inspiration from it ourselves :)

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