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Summer Training Group


After the success and growth we saw in our Spring 2023 group we are thrilled to announce that we are lacing up our shoes for the next training cycle! Setting our sights towards our next training group (Summer 2023) we are busy mapping out the course, calculating paces, and testing out new workouts. 

One thing that we already know? You will NOT want to miss this group! 

  • Knowledge, guidance, and coaching from Christine & Shelby 

  • Strong community of runners, walkers, movers, and shakers doing the same workouts as you

  • Exclusive group meetings and "Ask the Expert" roundtables

  • and MORE! 

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sign-up dates, and more! 



We want our athletes to train, put themselves on the priority list and have both Coaches Christine and Shelby at their disposal to troubleshoot and make the puzzle pieces fit so they don't have to. Add in a private group with like-minded runners, exclusive podcast episodes, and more----We've cooked up the secret sauce for getting you to crush your goals. 

Image by Onur Binay
"Your support network is the solid ground from which you can propel yourself upwards." 
~Anna Barnes

We get it, no one's life looks identical and therefore no one's schedules look the same. Everyone in the group will be given a 16-week training guide tailored to their specific goals and needs to ensure optimal results. With monthly 1:1 calls and open communication, we are excited to see each runner crush the training cycle and get to the start lines feeling like DYNO-MITE!

Ever want to grab a seat at our bRUNch table?

Well, now you can! Not only will group members get a weekly "Summer Speed" guided workout episode that is sure to help you "zoom" past the self-limiting beliefs, but we will also have LIVE roundtables sprinkled throughout tackling common training troubleshooting needs, and more! Access to the Premium podcast episodes will only be available to members of the training group.

16 Week Training Plan Tailored to YOU!

Bring your BRF's (best running friends) every step of the way with our private Facebook group. All members of the group will have access to Coaches Christine & Shelby as well as the open forum to talk to their fellow training partners in the thick of their training. Sharing the highs and making sure that we all pick each other up during those lows.

  • Pop-Up Challenges

  • Bonus strength training, mindfulness training, and recovery assistance!

  • Premier guests, perks, and more are to be announced soon!

Your BRF's in Your Pocket!
More to be Announced Soon!
Exclusive Podcasts Episodes
LIVE! "Ask the Expert" Roundtables

See what our athletes are saying about our current Spring Training Group! 

Tracy H. 

"I only learned it because of [TFB Training] and the stretching you’ve prescribed for me. Registering to be a part of [TFB Training] is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I have more hope for my running future than ever before."

Dr. Julie Z

"The platform that has become our group is phenomenal. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of it. I can’t believe how inspired I am, not just by Coach Christine and Coach Shelby. (Nice girls who kick serious butt…my heroes) but also by all the hardships each woman are overcoming to show up for themselves every day. Makes me feel like I can do it too. "

Sarah L.

"Definitely feeling a hundred percent better. Thanks to the group, I'm looking forward to races! I was set up very successfully to achieve my running goals."
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