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Inspiring Goals, Finding Community, and Shaping the New Year

Because apparently, we don't like to sleep or sit still----we decided the first long run of 2023 was going to be BIG. We don't just mean big, we mean extra special whipped cream topped goodness with just a little extra dash of awesome.

New Year is exciting and fun, but goals and progress look very different to different people---even in our bRUNch crew, there is a wide variety! Each of our guests on this week's show exemplifies that there is no one right way to run, race, or dream. Some decided to go for quantity, a few find that the more fun the better, and one runner, in particular, is a self-proclaimed "Do anything once: type of athlete".

It seemed only natural to kick off this 4 GUEST MEGA episode bRUNch menu with Patricia Carbone who as you read this/listen to the episode will be on the run working towards finishing her Perfect Dopey at RunDisneys Marathon Weekend.

Patricia is always down for a challenge. That seemed to be a common theme among all our guests but especially with her, a 10-year challenge goal is nothing short of amazing. She shares what these past 10 years have been like, how she handles all of those medals (there are a lot of them) and goes on to give us the inside scoop of what's next. Leaning into Coach Shelby singing "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to __________" she goes. Did you see that next goal coming? We did, but that did NOT diminish our excitement.

Be sure to keep an eye on her next challenge by visiting her Instagram and her fundraising efforts.

Next up to the bRUNch table is the James Bond behind the blog of the SUPER popular groups Half Fanatics & Marathon Maniacs. If you are ready to level up on just HOW Dopey running can get, this is a must!

Brian Johnson has evolved beyond sleep and made the bold decision that it's not enough to simply run half and full marathons but to run them A LOT! After receiving the push during his prior career in the service he kept running even after retirement and decided to level it up. We asked rapid-fire questions with very little downtime but if anyone can handle a lot in a short amount of time, he's the guy! Letting go of the comparison game of times/paces allowed him to push the limits (while also trying to avoid the obstacles that we face on the run). *Spoiler alert* trying to jump over an obstacle led to a broken wrist---safe to say that we don't think he'll convert to being a Steeplechaser anytime soon.

You can find Brian behind the blog of Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics/Ultra Madness. There you will find enough wordplay to keep you reaching for the stars AND PRs!

What words can we use for our next guest? Fearless, fun, and fantastic---some of the best F words we can use!! Don't believe us? Let's start by saying 50 states, run streaks, and Girls on the Run.

We first got to talk with Becky Wesolowski while recording the premium podcast we produced for Girls on the Run of Central Florida. We barely made it through the recording before Coach Shelby asked her to come on the main show because we had more questions and more running to dork out about. She is not only a coach for GOTRCFL, an avid Ragnar racer, a teacher, and a mom, but she's tackling 50 races in 50 states in her spare time. By proudly saying she will try anything once she has fully embraced that way of life. In our episode, we appreciated her openness of running for joy and how she had to take a course correction when her running streak post-partum became something she HAD to do vs wanting to do. Not letting those expectations steal her joy, she adjusted and continues to do so in all the ventures she dares to tackle. Her relatable approach is like a good deep breath mid-run that will guarantee to get you through the rest of your workout.

Continue to follow Becky on Instagram for her run streak/50 state domination as well as the amazing work she is doing for Girls on the Run.

We are bringing it home with our version of a Beer Mile and popping up a cold one with the one and only Skip Sher of Disney Day Drinker's Running Club!

Disney, running, and great beverages? SOLD! As Disney opened back up after the pandemic and everyone was craving connection, Skip started this group to take the happiest place on earth and elevated it with 52,000 new friends (That doesn't even include Binny!) What can you expect from this group? Giving kudos to the cast member bartenders who are keeping them hydrated with magical elixirs to infinity and beyond, bringing in charity components, and encouraging each other to remember to not outrun joy. Coach Christine has found her people: sparkles, bubbles, and all of the stranger-danger snacks she can dream of!

Grab your foam rollers, your favorite drink of choice, and visit the D3 Running Team on Facebook for the party before the party.

Did this episode inspire you to start a new goal, go on a runcation, or even get up and start running?
We'd love for you to join our bRUNch Crew and also check out our Virtual Workshops coming up to help take those dreams, goals, and ideas and make them a reality.

Cheers and smiles for all your miles ahead, friends!

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