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Running Royalty: Jeff Galloway

It's hard to summarize this week's guest into one word (Not that we'd want to). However, we can try to do our best by using two words: Running Royalty

Jeff Galloway wearing a white and green cape saying Jeff Galloway Pacer

We have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the joy he brings to the runners at runDisney. He is a legend not just in the running world, but also in the world of coaching. An Olympian, running coach, and a true inspiration, the one and only, Jeff Galloway!!!

Jeff holds the American Record in the 10k (47:49), has written numerous books, and is the founder of the run-walk-run method that both coaches absolutely can't stop singing the praises of. He has inspired countless individuals to embrace running and achieve their fitness goals while lessening the injury risk as well as going further faster.

Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance, or place in the running pack.

~Jeff Galloway

The run-walk-run method was born while Jeff worked to keep his running store profitable and in a quest to do so added group runs. From there he guided runners to get up, get running, and get to the finish line. By using the same tools that we use today as coaches, he had them start with walking, then added a bit of running, rinsing, and repeating all the miles along the way. With no injuries, budding confidence, and other goals on the horizon, Jeff's running radar was sparked with inspiration to dive into what happens if those same interval principals were applied continuously in training.

The result was pure magic: We can run AND walk, feel good, and get faster while lessening heart rate, avoiding injury, and ENJOYING the miles.

Coaches Christine and Shelby have talked about Mastering the Run-Walk Method both within their running as well as with our athletes more times than we can count (if we had a dollar for every time we mention it we probably would be able to pay for all the runDisney races!). Seeing the benefits of the method come to fruition with PRs, extended mileage, and overall improvement in athletes running economy in our TFB Training Groups and 1:1 Coaching further validate our strong belief that this method can be applied to all levels, all distances, and all runners.

All of this piquing your interest and making you want to run AND walk? Check out our Run-Walk-Run starter guide HERE!

Don't forget to check out Jeff's new app on IOS and Android to feel the beeps AND burn 😉

As always friends, however you choose to move, we are here for you! Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and reach out to us with any questions you have!

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