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How-To "PR" runDisney Registration

Are you ready to lace up your running shoes and experience the magic of a runDisney race? Of course, you are! With their well-known blend of running and pixie dust, runDisney events have become a popular choice for runners of all levels and are definitely a favorite race series here at Time for bRUNch!

With all that excitement though, there is an underlying buzz of stress when it comes to the storied sign-up anxiety. Your bRUNch hostesses with the mostesses have your back and have all the tips to keep the sweating to your workouts, NOT registration time.

Here are some steps to help guide you through the registration process with enough time to spare to grab a run, a cup of coffee, or BOTH!

Choose Your Race

The first step is to select the runDisney race you want to participate in. There are several races held throughout the year at Walt Disney World in Florida and we recently saw runDisney bring back races to the Disneyland Resort in California, each with its own unique theme and distance options.

Check the Registration Date

While you can always try to snag the Club runDisney memberships and their own exclusive opportunities to register before general registration, we will focus on general registration.

Once you have decided on a race, be sure to check the general registration date and time. Registration for runDisney races typically opens several months in advance and can sell out quickly. Set a reminder to ensure you don't miss the registration window and save this handy, runDisney graphic for the 2023 - 2024 race season.

Once you have noted the registration date, add it to your calendar. Due to the popularity of these races, we strongly advocate blocking your calendar from 9:30 a.m. ET to noon ET to allow you to be ready for the queue when it opens at 10:00 am ET. (Sometimes even a few min before!)

Create a runDisney Account

Before you can register for a race, you'll need to create a runDisney account. This account will allow you to register for races, manage your race information, and access other runDisney resources. We suggest creating your runDisney account BEFORE the registration date. Yes, we know that sounds like overkill, but easier to have it ready, just don’t forget your password. Maybe even a good idea to save your password through your browsers to be doubly safe!

Register for the Race

On the registration day, log in to your runDisney account and navigate to the registration page for the race you want to participate in. Complete the registration form, which typically includes personal information, shirt size, and any additional options such as commemorative items or spectator tickets. You will also need to pay the registration fee at the time of registration so have your credit card ready.

PRO TIP: most browsers also let you autosave information such as your name, address, etc. that is needed during your registration so you can have that set up beforehand to save time and auto-fill on the go.

Now, this is where things can get almost as hard to navigate as La Quila in Jungle Cruise.

  • Due to the popularity of the races, we have found that using a few different devices with different browsers is best. Does this add to the problem of computer servers getting overloaded? Likely, but alas, we are just playing by the rules of doing whatcha’ gotta do to claim your runDisney spot. We recommend at least one mobile device and one desktop/laptop with Safari on one device and Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on the other.

  • Also, important to note that it doesn’t matter which distance you are planning on signing up for. Last registration for Wine & Dine 2023 the 5k was the only queue that was clickable for a few min---NOTE: you will still have a chance to secure your preferred distance once you make it past the queue and have the option of filling in your registration so don't get hung up on waiting for the link to appear on your choice, click what is available.

  • BE PREPARED, this isn’t the time to be looking up how many races you did previously, questioning what size shirt you will want in 6 months, or even your proof of time. Have all of this information ready to make your registration as smooth as possible.

  • Prioritize your preferred distances, i.e., if you want to snag the 5k and the half marathon. Snag the 5k and then the half. The 5k sells out quickly for practically every race weekend. Challenges generally sell out pretty quickly as well. This will mean 2 different transactions but will give you the best chance to grab your top priority.

Does all of this create stress, and you prefer a Fairy Godmother to bibbidi boppity boo your registration? This is the perfect time to make your race day extra magical by running for charity. Our local favorite here at bRUNch is Girls on the Run Central Florida. Find out more about becoming a SoleMate here>>

Train for the Race

Congratulations, you're officially registered for a runDisney race! Now it's time to start training. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a beginner, following a training plan appropriate for your fitness level and the distance of your race is important. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into the fallacy that race day is still months away! Creating and maintaining a baseline before moving into your race day training makes all the difference between feeling like you can run the world (hello, Epcot) on race weekend versus feeling like Cinderella missing the magical midnight hour time limit.

Need help with training for those Fall/Winter races? Check out the Sizzlin’ Summer Training Group programs designed for every distance and level to make your training as magical as your race day!

All in all, runDisney race is a fun and exciting way to combine your love of running with the magic of Disney. By following these steps, you can navigate the registration process and be well on your way to crossing the finish line and earning your well-deserved medal.

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