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11 Weird Things Runners Do

Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the weirdness that comes with being a runner.

With our TMI declarations, the lengths we go to get even just 2 seconds better, and our eclectic outfits---we don't necessarily "blend in" but that's what makes us special (and have others question our life choices)

What's the best way to celebrate all of the randomness? Put it in a blog post, share it with you all, and get an AB workout with laughter. Without further ado......

  • Have a pooping ritual (Don't lie, you have one....there isn't any shame) We all know Shelby avoids Port-O-Potties so we are the last to pass any judgment.

  • Too tired to do basic human needs but will go get miles in regardless of what happens. Have laundry sitting in baskets? Need to cook dinner? Haven't brushed your hair in a week? Those are hard NO's. Running 6 miles for fun? YES!

  • Wake up super early to watch races that they aren’t running/have no personal vesting in. We're looking at you international races---we love you but our alarm clocks don't.

  • Run races on holidays much to the disdain of our family who pretend to love it but really just want to sleep in. Bonus points if you make them dress up!

  • Look at people's shoes to see if they show any signal of being a runner/know what running is so we can talk about it more. Even if they don’t we are still going to try and bring it up no matter how awkward it is.

  • Stand at races trying to work up the nerve to go closer to the starting line, move up 5 places only to go back towards the back (repeat at least 5 times before the start). Maybe we should all learn "The Hustle" to help out and count it as our warmup?

  • Constantly looking for new recovery tools, potions, and strategies but refusing to put sleep first on our priority list. Let’s all just wake up early!!!

  • Paying to run miles and miles with the promise of a shirt, medal, and free food. Even though those bananas are AMAZING!!!

  • Feel slightly crushed when it’s not a run day but then want a rest day when we do have to run

  • Insist on correcting people who describe a 5k as 3 miles when in fact it is 3.1 (or really adding the .X miles to any race distance) It matters to us, we ran it, we want it counted, end of story.

  • Referring to elites by only their first names like we actually have met them, know them, and talk to them on a regular basis.

BUT the weirdest thing that runners do.....

Love every stinking' minute of it!!!

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