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Recipes for Runners: Father's Day Food Fun

Say that title five times fast....

We will take any excuse to fuel our runs with some delish finds and with Father's Day in full force, we thought it would be the perfect time to share 2 of our own dad's favorite dishes that are whipped up in the bRUNch kitchen. Recipes for runners, by runners!

First up is Coach Christine's top pick with a big dish of paella packed with protein: shrimp, clams, and chicken, OH MY! This can easily be adapted to any of your dietary preferences and will keep the same undertone of YUM all the way through.

While Coaches Shelby and Christine may differ between our sweet and savory choices, apparently our dads are on the same food wavelength. They obviously have to have good taste though cuz look at the daughters they raised!

Coach Shelby's dad will pick this next dish all day every day and twice on Sunday. He loves it so much, we actually pivoted and made this the night it came up as a discussion because he couldn't resist. We definitely recommend serving with rice to give is some extra oomph!

Spanish Chicken Recipe

Which are you most excited to try? Do you want to see more bRUNch original recipes?

Let us know what you'd want us to create: Email

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