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Movies, Music, and More....OH MY!!

Expanding our energy, our ideas, and our knowledge is a never-ending quest. If we stop learning, we stop growing, and if we stop growing then we slowly lose inspiration.

(For full transparency some links in this blog contain affiliate links where we may receive a small commission if you purchase using them. This is at no cost to you and you are not obligated to use the links. If you choose to, we thank you for the support)

Similar sentiments could be said with our running. If we run the same route, the same miles, and use the same pace, we will never improve. Even though no one WANTS to be uncomfortable or make big changes, there are ways to incorporate both ideals in small bite-size bits.

The easiest way we thought to approach this for our listeners is to break it into 4 "reps" like a speed workout. Some of the reps may not be your forte while another one may be exactly your love language. Knowing that there are no wrong answers, we each urge you to choose something that you don't naturally gravitate to. Maybe you are not a music person, a book reader, or even look at this list with a big "Ehhhhh Pass" we challenge you to lace up and try ONE. We all already know that one step can change your entire life and outlook so instead of saying "You have to!" we will ask you this question instead......

" Why not try?"

Running Books :

Running Music:

For this one, we did the hard work and added ALL of our suggestions to a special edition playlist that can be added to any of the episodes for that extended cool-down that we never shut up about 😉

Running Movies:


Of course, our first pick is ours because we find ourselves hilarious and genuinely put so much effort and love into every episode but we also want to share the love and support for others doing great work.

Which of the 4 groups are you most excited to dive into? Are you using these suggestions for your training, taper, or maybe even while folding laundry?

Email us and share your thoughts!

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