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Chicken Soup for the Runner's Soul

No, this isn't a chicken soup that only runners can have. Even though that's not a bad idea cuz we probably buy it by the gallon......

On this week's "Long run bRUNch, we go through the great article written by Brittney Burke on about 10 different things that the hit series Chicken Soup for the Soul nailed through their 20+ years in print. While we haven't read all of them (and there's a lot) this list was pretty spot-on for runners and non-runners alike. Coaches Christine and Shelby even left feeling pretty inspired with a little extra pep in our steps---or should we say some extra noodles in our bowl!

While many of them resonated with us there were a few that really stood out. Some of them made us think of Time for bRUNch, our own running, or in Shelby's case random videos that she has seen throughout the internet.

We couldn't possibly pick a favorite, but we think it's safe to say this first one we are going to dive into safely peeped into the top 3!

If you want something, ask for it:

This could be as simple as asking someone to take your picture at the start line, more in-depth like asking for help making your runs a priority in your family's schedule, or even asking for a raise at work. People aren't mind readers no matter how much we wish they were so it's up to us to ASK for what we need. You are important and deserve to be a priority, you are allowed to have wants and needs, and should feel empowered to use your voice. Ask for something and don't get it? No worries, try it again! We are still asking for the winning lottery numbers but have faith that one day they will come....maybe.

We know that this isn't what the above is talking about but Coach Shelby immediately thought of this video during recording so we had to include it!

More veggies and more sleep are always good ideas:

Coach Christine is better at sleep and Coach Shelby is better at veggies, not that it's a competition soooo let's just say we both win! But seriously, none of us probably get enough of either. We've all heard the above way too many times but instead of rolling our eyes and passing it, let's break it down into realistic ideas because when push comes to shove, both of these can not only make a difference in our mood but also our running. You could take a cue from Christine and put on a guided meditation to relax before bed or throw some broccoli to your next quiche inspired by Shelby. Craving some more ideas? Click on our Pinterest to find some of our favorite recipes and sleep ideas!

Take it one small step at a time:

Rome wasn't built in a day, a marathon isn't finished in one step, and everyone is a constant work in progress that needs time and patience. You don't expect a baby to go from standing to running, so why do we expect that from ourselves? If you are looking to build consistency with your workouts: try adding one day at a time. Looking to add miles to your week: add a quarter mile at a time. The little steps may not seem "insta-worthy", but they will add up and oftentimes have more of a chance of actually sticking around versus going big and going home with its tail between its legs. Coach Shelby took this to heart after recording and did a small 20 min mini lower-body workout after being too sick to work out and move. Was it groundbreaking? Not necessarily. BUT it was a small step to getting back to moving, grooving, and eventually running!

When push comes to shove, it's all about taking care of yourself, filling your cup, and ensuring that you feed your mind, body, and soul. Go for the run, ask for help, have ice cream for breakfast, WHATEVER your heart needs---We give you the permission that you don't need to go out and get it.

What was the biggest takeaway from this week's episode? Was there something that resonated with you?

Drop us an email at and share your soul-filling goodness with us!

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