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Running Lingo Lowdown

Standing in your running group, at the starting line at a race, or even seeing social media posts, you'll hear a lot of different short hands, new words, and may be left scratching your head and wondering if you missed the new hip phrase.

But don't worry bRUNch crew, we have your back and dedicated our Quick Bytes this week to some running lingo that you may or may not know, plus a few that just flat-out make us cackle.

Some of these we knew from the first running step and others took us a while to fully grasp. (Even coaches have to learn!) So feel free to learn some, know some, and share with your fellow runners, walkers, movers, and shakers! Want to hear the whole episode? Click the link HERE to catch up on all new words and phrases!

Brick Work: This first one is usually reserved for those doing Triathlon training. This is the act of stacking a running and biking workout back to back, maybe a swim/run, etc. This is to test out the stamina and also practice transitions. We like to call it "resting brick face!"

LSD: When Coach Christine dropped this one in the episode even Coach Shelby had to stop and take a beat! This is not the LSD you were told to stay away from in your youth. This LSD stands for Long Slow Distance, think tortoise, and the hare type of running. Long runs primarily are the perfect example of running friendly LSD.

Fartlek: Shelby full-on giggled and couldn't stop because she is a 5-year-old at heart and still laughs at anything with "fart" in it. She also didn't realize it wasn't referencing a 💩 incident......While this is a Swedish term loosely translated to mean speed play, it also happens to be the speed workout of choice for us coaches!! These are often part of a speed workout where you set a certain distance/time to hold the pace, have a rest period, and then repeat for X amount of reps. This is a wonderful tool to add to your workouts to learn about switching gears and training those muscles!

Tempo: Another type of speed work but this one consists of holding the desired pace/effort for a longer period of time vs the shorter times of a Fartlek. Think of this as a great way to test out your ideal racing pace for a few miles to see how manageable it is! Throw on some tunes and feel the rhythm.

Negative Split: One of the few times that a negative is actually a positive! In short: this is when the second half of your race is faster than the first half. The same term can be used even if you run your second mile faster than your first. It doesn't matter how much faster, or how far you go in general, just split it in half and do the math!

and last but not least......

FKT: While I wish this was a tasty candy's not, I've checked. This stands for Fastest Known Time. Often used in Strava, a popular running app, it marks the fastest time a specific route was completed. Many everyday runners love them to test their boundaries, and speed to hold that virtual crown. You can search your area and see what times have been recorded and make a game out of it if you'd like. No prizes are given other than some bragging rights which depending on where you live, it can mean a lot!

Did any of these surprise you? Are there phrases or terms that we didn't cover that still leave you going "Uhm..."?

Drop us a message at and maybe we'll do a Running Lingo 2!!

Check out the Quick Bytes for even more terms that we broke down bit by bit!

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