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Grabbing a "Handful" of bRUNch

We are going to come right out and say it: running bra convos are often met with groans, dread, and a whole lot of chafing. Given what we've heard from our community, most of you would do almost anything other than go without a sports bra. But alas, finding the right support for "the gals" can be extra challenging.

We say this in the episode but we wanted to call it out again: This is NOT a sponsored or paid post/episode. We will always be transparent if something is 💜

Coach Christine first introduced Handful a few episodes ago and while Coach Shelby hadn't tried them, she was intrigued. From the first impression, they checked all the boxes: striving for inclusivity/diversity, women-founded, supportive of breast cancer survivors, AND cute bras that worked---the quadruply threat the running world needs. Even though we all were open to the fact that there is still more work to be done for inclusivity in size, shade, and shape, the steps forward need to keep happening, and backing each other is a crucial portion of that.

All of that came even more into focus when they sent an email a few weeks ago to their subscribers being transparent that times are tough right now and they are trying to be the little engine that can! Like MANY companies and most small businesses, there is an uneven balance of inventory, cost, demand, and making ends meet. It seemed like the perfect time to reach out and see how we could live and breathe our mission of "Women helping women" because that's not just a cute tagline we put out there, it's a goal.

(Photo courtesy of Handful)

Sitting down and being able to talk to the founder Jennifer, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness or as she put it-- Breast Cancer Action Month, was a true pleasure and left us feeling full of spit and vinegar to take on the world and go out for a run.

We learned A LOT about bras, details about the styles they offer, the philanthropy they do, and pulled back some of the layers that make bra shopping a nightmare. While Coach Christine is already a lover of the Y Back bras and admitted openly about maybe loving them a bit too long past their prime, Coach Shelby spent 95% of her interview prep time clicking "add to cart".

Don't forget to tag @handful and @timeforbrunchpodcast on Instagram to show us how you move, groove, and get out there!

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