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👑 Ultimate Costume Guide 👑

One of the hardest parts of getting older is we don't get to wear fun clothes, dress up like our favorite characters, or get to break out our more creative side.

Ok, to be fair, some still do that but for others, there aren't many opportunities to do so. It's probably safe to say that's why we look forward to Disney and runDisney Races so much. The chance to really not worry about weird looks, worrying about paces or PR's, and to capture the joy that few other things can bring. (Other than coffee)

(Actual footage of Christine every chance she gets!)

We are excited to welcome Tara this week to our bRUNch table and talk about all things costumes. She has literally run the gambit and been everything from a poisonous apple to the spindle from Sleeping Beauty (Pretty sure this was Coach Shelby's mind-blown moment of the episode). While Coach Christine has run in "costume light," both coaches are excited to really step up their game for Spring Time Surprise in April of 2023 to go all in with creativity, style, and hopefully minimal chafing.

Even though costumes are fun, they can also pose a decent challenge when you are going to be running in them. Figuring out the cute factor and balancing it with the functionality comes down to many variables:

  • Distance

  • Weather

  • Wearability (How to avoid chafing)

  • Logistical execution giving the EARLY wakeups

  • Craftiness (We all can't be Martha Stewart)

Bringing in one of Coach Christine's most fabulous costumes we created a quick "Running Safely in Costume" Guide to make sure that you stay fab and don't take a left turn into drab! All of us should feel like majestic unicorns

Looking for something a bit more to help you with your costume? Get out FREE Costume How To Guide HERE to be ready to hit the pavement looking FABULOUS!

Have you ever run in a costume? If so, send us a pick to for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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