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✨ Dream Race Conditions ✨

Isn't it funny how life and running takes so many twists and turns? Literally and figuratively, you never quite know what is around the corner. *Reminder to check those darn hidden spots!*

That was especially highlighted with our chat this week with none other than the man himself Denny "Diz" Krahe. Safe to say if you would have asked him if he'd be here 10 years ago he would have come up with a witty comeback that had a hidden NO in it. But that's the thing about life, it sneaks up on you and quickly reminds you never to say "never".

We talk about running in different areas, different seasons, and what it's been like from him leaving Florida for those Georgia hills. This got Christine and Shelby thinking about ideal race conditions and what we would pick if we had to choose. Would we go hot, cold, rainy, sunny, etc? Pretty sure our constant theme was as long as the course is flat we can deal with other variables (our boots are made for walking but our legs are not made for hills, TBH)

Sometimes it seems easier to put all the options into a machine and play a bit of running roulette. Now that we think of it, could be a really fun game to play on race day......we will mull that over to come to fruition one day 😉

Denny talks on our new episode about his goal to run a marathon in all the US states so it's safe to say that he will get all terrains, conditions, and weather imaginable. But what would you choose?

Check out Denny's episode coming out on 10/15/22 and keep an eye on your inboxes for our fun Emoji game that will be in our newsletter! If you haven't signed up for our bRUNch crew emails be sure to drop your email HERE to join in the fun!

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