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Athlete Spotlight: Rachel G.

From surgery to running a 10k PR, she stayed the course, trusted the plan, and built back to the strong running base one run and mile at a time.

Late last year she was unexpectedly sidelined with a surgery that brought her running miles to zero. Having to navigate recovery, new restrictions, and rearrange her running calendar could have felt like a spicy disaster every step of the way.

However, being able to lay it all out on the drawing board together allowed us to make a plan to walk before we ran, adapt to a new run/walk strategy, and had her feeling in control throughout the changing landscape that comes with life and the unexpected. By having that open communication, adjusting workouts, and trusting the process, she was able to get back to training, feel strong, set a new 10k PR, and tackle the tallest bridge in Florida! (430 ft to be exact!)

With Coaches Christine and Shelby along with the entire TFB Training Group cheering her on, it was an epic season on and off the roads!

Taking time off for any reason can be a stressful time for a runner. It can often feel similar to when we were beginners. All of the "stuff" we are supposed to do seems overwhelming and hard to juggle (strength, mindfulness, running, life in general, etc". Our tried and true TFB Training approach to the basics allows for consistency to build consistency, your body to adjust, and before you know it you are blazing the trails (or roads) feeling that rush of adrenaline and fatigue we crave!

We've been there, we get it, we've seen it, and we are here to help you feel your best inward and outward!

Thinking about joining our training group or need a more personalized approach? Head over to our 1:1 Athlete Application or email us at!

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