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Athlete Spotlight: Kaitlyn T.

When you think of dedication, commitment, and consistency in the realm of athletic endeavors, Kaitlyn T.'s name shines brightly on the list. Fondly nicknamed the "O.G. Queen of Consistency" by those who know her dedication to her training regimen with TFB Training, Kaitlyn exemplifies what it means to balance a full, busy life while never wavering from personal goals.

While many people set fitness goals with a burst of initial enthusiasm that soon wanes, Kaitlyn stands apart. She believes in the power of incremental progress. It's not about drastic measures or sudden transformations for her; it's about her daily dedication, unwavering focus, and joy in movement. Every rep in lifting, every step in running, every stretch in yoga, and every cycle's turn has a purpose in her journey.

"With consistency and reps and routine, you're going to achieve your goals and get where you want to be." - Mandy Rose

A busy professional, a devoted mother to two vivacious children, and a beloved wife and friend, Kaitlyn's plate is a mosaic of responsibilities and commitments. Yet, every single day, she manages to show up for herself, setting aside time to invest in her body and mind.

The influence Kaitlyn has on those around her is palpable. While her dedication is awe-inspiring, it's the balanced approach to health and fitness that truly makes her a role model. By seamlessly incorporating running, lifting, yoga, meditation, and cycling into her routine, she's crafted a holistic blueprint for a healthy lifestyle.

Most powerfully, Kaitlyn is also setting a strong example for her daughter and son. In a world where societal body image pressures are omnipresent, she's teaching her young ones a profound lesson. For Kaitlyn, movement is not about conforming to societal standards; it's about celebrating one’s body, understanding its strength, and reveling in its capabilities.

Inspiring Beyond Fitness

One of the most poignant moments and examples of how this is already proving to be a powerful influence for her daughter was when Kaitlyn took her to meet legendary boundary-breaking athlete Katherin Switzer. Katherin asked her daughter, "Do you want to be a runner?" to which her daughter proudly and boldly declared, "I AM A RUNNER."

Here at TFB, we "stan" girls growing up confidently and boldly in their identities beyond their physical appearance. We KNOW that it is possible because of parents who not just outline the roadmap for their children but "run" the path themselves.

A Race a Month: The Joyful Journey

If that wasn't enough, Kaitlyn also takes time to bring whimsy and joy to her athletic and wellness pursuits. Adding a dash of whimsy to her structured regimen, Kaitlyn set herself an enviable challenge: to run a race every month. Whether rain or shine, cold or warm, she's out there covering the distance, pushing her limits, all with a radiant smile. This endeavor isn’t just about achieving a number or ticking a box; it’s about the joy of movement, the thrill of the challenge, seeing the world from a different perspective, and the stories each race brings.

Kaitlyn T., with her unwavering dedication and zest for life, is a beacon of inspiration, a testament to what consistent hard work can achieve, and a vivid example of how one can integrate fitness into life without compromise. As she continues her journey with TFB Training, one thing is clear: the rockstar queen of consistency is here to stay, inspire, and uplift.

Interested in joining our TFB Training team? We offer group training as well as personalized 1:1 training! We believe that just because we may be running our miles in different areas, that doesn't mean that we all can't support, uplift, and cheer each other on as a team.

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