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Athlete Spotlight

We've all read countless news stories about everyday women, runners, and mothers doing amazing things. At TFB Training we don't have to just read about them in the headlines, we get to witness it first hand! That is especially true for our featured athlete of the week:

Rebecca C.

Rebecca started working with Coach Shelby over a year ago to keep her love for running growing, improve upon the base she had built, and refresh her workouts. They concentrated on incorporating targeted speed days, building strength training consistency, and eventually building up the mileage to tackle her first-ever half marathon! Between kids, work, and multiple stomach bugs (darn kid germs!), Rebecca never swayed from her goal of getting to the start line and used each run as an opportunity to grow. From first-time fueling hiccups to mile PRs---we covered it all!

Every mile paid off as she crossed her first half-marathon finish line feeling strong, confident, and ready to tackle another one. (Which she did!) Despite the official race length being shortened due to weather, Rebecca took the plot twist in stride and made a plan to reach 13.1 on her own without the cheering crowds and fancy finish line. The week after, she followed through and became a 2x half-marathon finisher!

Looking to take your running up a notch? Need the support of a coach who's been there and ran the miles? Feeling burnt out, unenthused, and not having fun with the run? Fill out our 1:1 Coaching Application and get your complimentary call scheduled with one of our amazing coaches! Let's Kick Some A$$phalt!

Run strong, run with love, run for you!

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