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Athlete Spotlight: Cheryl S.

Resilience, consistency, and courage.

All of these words can be used to describe all of our athletes at TFB Training. We are consistently in awe of what they do and how they show up for themselves as well as others. Spreading their stories gives us a chance to show our admiration while also reminding each and every one of you in our bRUNch community that we all have those hard times mixed in with the great runs, the 🔑 is to keep going and embrace the power that is within YOU!

TFB Athlete: Cheryl S.

Cheryl signed up for our Spring group eager to learn, grow, and keep the commitment to herself to make “me time”. After caregiving for a family member for months, she was determined to feel her best so she could continue to give her best. Even with having to travel back and forth for care, extended hospital stays, and long days, she never wavered from her goal. By mixing in runs, walks, dance cardio, and strength, we kept workouts fun, fresh, and adaptable to the unexpected that popped up.

All of those puzzle pieces kept coming together one by one leading her to take off almost 5 min from her mile time in just 16 weeks! Talk about SPICY!

Even after an additional family health event occurred, Cheryl worked alongside her coach to figure out how to make the workouts add to her day vs being another stressful to do. With the premium podcast, group support, and workouts being portable she wasn't tied to one location, one gym, or one way of getting movement in. Those convenient tools mixed with open communication, trust, and understanding have led her to where she is at today: consistency and determination. Taking one look at her training schedule, you can see the strength she’s built, the confidence shining through, and the growth happening one workout at a time.

Taking the word impossible and erasing the doubt to make it POSSIBLE!

Interested in joining our TFB Training team? We offer group training as well as personalized 1:1 training! We believe that just because we may be running our miles in different areas, that doesn't mean that we all can't support, uplift, and cheer each other on as a team.

Reach out to us at to schedule a 30 min complimentary 1:1 call to chat about your running, your goals, and how we can help you crush your miles!

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