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Power Stance and Power Selfies

It's one thing to "look" confident but it's another to FEEL confident. We can put all of the gear, clothes, and makeup on, but if we don't feel the power coming from within it's all for not.

That's why when we sat down with our interview with Nicole Snell we were inspired to have y'all show us your selfies feeling good no matter what!

In the spirit of sharing the good vibes, powerful images, and having fun Coaches Christine and Shelby got in on the action and compiled our picks of pics that made us feel strong, in control, and encapsulated our inner Asphalt Kickers!

Coach Christine's Picks:

Picture 1: This was after a speed workout where you can clearly see I was PUMPED!

Picture 2: This was pretty poignant since this was taken after I decided to NOT run Big Sur. Allowing myself time to heal and then work toward conquering a huge fear of mine which is heights. I am in love with climbing, and hiking and trying to work on putting myself out there.

Picture 3: After a GREAT recording session!

Coach Shelby's Picks:

Picture 1: This is from my very first marathon that didn't go AT ALL how I wanted/planned for it to. I was so proud because no matter what I didn't stop. It wasn't magic and rainbows but to this day I look back on this day with such fond memories.

Picture 2: The most glamorous selfie while I waited to have surgery. Taking my health into my own hands and not letting society pressure me into what I was "supposed to do". Even with the nurses questioning me while waiting, I stuck to my guns and politely told them to back off! :)

Picture 3: After quarantining for the better part of the pandemic this was the first time I went and ventured out for my childhood friend's wedding. We wore masks, were outside, and only stayed for the ceremony but it was a HUGE milestone for me and despite my fear and anxiety, I went!

We all have defining moments where we can look back and even if we felt weak at the moment we can reflect later and realize just how much of a badass we were. It's a lesson that we can take on or off the run. The scariest things aren't filled with ghosts, witches, and zombies. The times that test us and get our heart racing are often the ones that look "normal" to the outside world while inside our insides are mixed as tight as our hamstrings after a hard workout.

Take a deep breathe and find that strength; you got this!

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