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Until All Runners Are Safe

Everyone's minds are on Liza Fletcher right now and rightfully so. Another woman was out for a run and didn't make it home. It shouldn't be like this but nevertheless, here we are again with fears, questions, and left scrambling to figure out how to be and feel safe on the run.

Like we said on the podcast, nothing is 100% but hopefully, some of the resources and products below help to make you feel more prepared and secure if you are ever faced with a "non-friendly" on the run.

If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to the podcast and hear more of our tips be sure to check it out HERE! (Also available on Apple and Spotify)


  • Road ID App: This amazing app allows you to pick several contacts to receive a text message link to your GPS location and the option to have a "Stationary Alert" sent to them if you don't move within 5 min. I have forgotten I had this on many times and received worried texts from my family making sure I am ok. While I get annoyed at the moment, I never take it for granted that if I needed them to be alerted for an actual reason it would be there.

  • Christine from Relentless Runners put together a very strong video showing delve defense tips and techniques that EVERY runner should watch. Is it great to think about? No. But a 7 min video that's hard to watch is a lot better than the possible alternative.

  • Gracie Lou Freebush (aka Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality) gave every girl watching that movie the power to S.I.N.G. While meant to be a funny part in the movie, it held a lot of truth and an easy-to-remember sequence of moves that could help you break free from an attacker if the situation arose.

  • Vanessa T Marcotte Foundation: This foundation was founded for a runner who again went out for a run but didn't make it back home. By providing workshops, webinars, self-defense classes, and other resources they empower women to be armed and in control to protect themselves. Volunteer, donate, and be part of the change we want to see on the run and beyond!


For full transparency, the below may contain affiliate links that if used can provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. You are in no way obligated to use the provided links and please know that we fully endorse each product regardless of being an affiliate or not!


  • Aftershokz uses jawbone technology which allows them to stay out of your ears to hear cars, other runners, dogs, and whatever else you may encounter. While they aren't cheap there are a bunch of discount codes to be found and are worth the investment. I can also say firsthand that their customer service is very friendly and I had no issue when my first pair ran into some technical issues.

  • Being seen on the run with neon clothes is another great option to stand out in a sea of trees, pavement, and hidden spots. The next best thing is being lit up like a Christmas tree: Enter Noxgear. With lights, reflector strips, and a secure clip you can be sure that you will be noticed and not just by how strong you are running!

  • While we love a good accessory, these rings pack a punch (pun fully intended). Defender Ring mixes fashion with practicality offering rings to be worn on and off the run without alerting their presence as more than just a piece of jewelry. Another very popular option is Go Guarded (Code: TFbrunch will give you 15% off) whose rings are tactical through and through with serrated edges that are guaranteed to put a decent scratch (or seven) into whatever they come in contact with. Both are easy to use and literally at your fingertips

  • Defense devices don't have to be fancy or expensive to work, you can pick up a simple item from your local store that can make a big impact: a whistle, pepper spray, alarm, and a reflective vest are easy to grab and easy to find which is a win-win all the way around.

These items and resources may not guarantee anything but if it helps give you peace of mind to go out for a run, then it's worth it.

Until all runners are safe, we won't stop talking, sharing, and spreading awareness.

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