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Chasing the 6 Stars - World Marathon Majors

These races attract elite runners and amateur enthusiasts from around the globe, and they are widely regarded as the pinnacle of long-distance running.

Over the course of this seven-part blog series, Coach Christine will share her experience in earning the coveted six-star WMM medal and use her expertise to help guide runners who want to pursue this endeavor. In addition to providing insider tips and insights on everything from training and nutrition to travel and logistics, Christine will also share lessons learned, favorite resources, and personal anecdotes to help you prepare for the AWMM.

As the overview below mentions, the first step in getting into the AWMM is choosing your race. From there, you will need to understand the specific entry requirements for your chosen race, which could include qualifying times, lotteries, charity entries, travel packages, or tour groups.

Each blog post will provide insights on navigating these entry requirements and increasing your chances of getting into your desired race and the recommended strategies to make the most of your training and race day!

Choose your race: The first step in getting into the Abbott World Marathon Majors is to decide which race or races you want to run. Each of the six races has its own application process, requirements, and entry criteria. Some races, such as the Boston Marathon, require runners to meet a qualifying time standard, while others, such as the Tokyo Marathon, have a lottery system. It's important to research each race thoroughly and understand what is required to gain entry.

Qualify: If you choose to run the Boston Marathon, you will need to qualify based on your age and gender, and your finishing time must be within a specific qualifying window. The other five races do not require a qualifying time, but they may have other criteria, such as completing a certain number of previous marathons or raising money for charity. Be sure to understand the requirements for your chosen race and plan accordingly.

Enter the lottery: To enter the lotteries, you will typically need to register on the official website of the respective marathon and fill out a form with your personal information. You will also need to pay a small entry fee, which may vary depending on the marathon. Once you have submitted your entry, you will be entered into a random drawing, and the winners will be notified by email.

Run for a charity: Some of the Abbott World Marathon Majors allow runners to gain entry by running for a charity. In this case, runners must commit to raising a certain amount of money for the charity in exchange for a guaranteed entry to the race. This option can be a great way to secure entry while also supporting a cause you care about. Want to learn more about fundraising while training? Check out our fundraising blog for tips to make your miles extra special!

Join a tour group: Another way to gain entry to the Abbott World Marathon Majors is to join a tour group. Some tour companies offer packages including race entry, travel, lodging, and other amenities. Tour groups can be a great way to meet other runners and experience the race as part of a larger community. A trusted favorite is Marathon Tours and Travel.

Be persistent: Finally, it's important to remember that getting into the Abbott World Marathon Majors can be a competitive process, and it may take multiple attempts before you are successful. Don't give up if you don't get in the first time. Keep trying and exploring different options until you achieve your goal.

In subsequent blog entries, we will

explore each of the AWMM races in detail, starting with Coach Christine's personal favorite, the Chicago Marathon. Coach Christine will share her firsthand experience of running in the Chicago Marathon and insider tips on preparing for the unique aspects of this race.

From there, we will delve into the other five AWMM races, including the historic Boston Marathon, the iconic London Marathon, the fast and flat Berlin Marathon, the friendly and supportive Tokyo Marathon, and the unforgettable New York City Marathon. Coach Christine will provide valuable insights on each race, including the training strategies, race-day logistics, and the mental preparation needed to successfully complete them.

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or a first-time runner, the Abbott World Marathon Majors offers an unforgettable experience that is both physically and mentally challenging and life-changing!

Looking to train for an Abbott World Marathon Major? Check out TFB Training to get started working toward your six-star journey.

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