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Athlete Spotlight: Kirstin Leeper - The Essence of GRIT

Every so often, we encounter an individual whose story is so compelling it leaves us awestruck. Today, we introduce you to Kirstin Leeper, a testament to her unwavering commitment and dedication.

When discussing grit in positive psychology, it’s defined as the juncture where passion meets perseverance. Kirstin Leeper masterfully embodies this concept. Additionally, her Southern roots add depth to the term, making her a shining example of the acronym of G.R.I.T. Girl Raised In The South, so she tackles challenges with charm. But there's a third layer to her narrative of grit. Just as an oyster forms a pearl through persistent adaptation and growth against intrusion, Kirstin’s journey is a testament to strength and beauty emerging from adversity. Through these three facets, her story unfolds as one of profound inspiration.

Training Against All Odds

The summer of 2023 wasn't just another hot summer—it went down in the records as the hottest summer ever. While many of us grumbled about the unbearable heat, Kirstin took it as a challenge. Preparing for the Chicago Marathon, she tallied over 800 miles under the sweltering sun. Her regimen included two rigorous workouts a week, one extensive long run supplemented with easy runs, strength training, mobility exercises, and cross-training.

Yet, it wasn't just the heat Kirstin was up against. Imagine juggling this intensive training with a full-time job and being there for her four busy sons, actively engaged in multiple sports. For many, the mere thought can be exhausting. But Kirstin, with her determined spirit, found a way. Whether that meant waking up at the crack of dawn, around 3 or 4am, or utilizing the waiting time while her kids were at practice, she always found a slot for her training.

More Than a Marathoner

Amidst this marathon preparation, Kirstin also embraced a philanthropic cause. She wasn't just running for herself; she was running to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House, a charity dedicated to supporting families with sick children. Kirstin's dedication to this cause added an extra layer of purpose to her runs, turning each mile into a step toward hope for countless families.

Chicago Marathon - A Triumph of Spirit

Come marathon day, Kirstin completed the race and achieved a personal best. Her success was a vivid display that when you truly prioritize your goals, external factors, no matter how challenging, can't hold you back.

Inspiration Personified

Beyond her personal accomplishments, Kirstin was a beacon of motivation for everyone around her. Her never-complain, can-do spirit was infectious. Teammates found themselves drawing from her reservoir of resilience, inspired by her perseverance. Even her coach, Christine, was in awe of Kirstin’s fiercely dedicated mindset and resilient character.

In Kirstin, we see what it truly means to show up for oneself, how to rise above hurdles and the essence of determination. Her story shows that when you harbor a passion and are willing to work for it, no obstacle is too large, and no goal is too far.

Kirstin - Thank you for inspiring us all and showing us how to embrace the “challenges” of life to create our pearls of wisdom and triumphs.

Want to take a page out of Kristin's GRIT playbook and join the a team that will help you stay the course for your own goals? Fill out the 1:1 application, and we will reach out to get you scheduled for a complimentary consultation call.

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