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Top 10 Magical Tips for Snapping the Best runDisney Photos (And 1 Epic Fail to Avoid at All Costs!)

Welcome, dear runners, to the whimsical world of runDisney, where every mile is magic, and every photo captures a fairy tale! But in this kingdom of endurance and enchantment, a spellbinding snapshot requires more than just a dash of pixie dust. So, lace up your glass slippers (or running shoes), don your royal attire, and let's embark on a quest to capture the most magical moments without forgetting the chivalry that makes us all heroes and heroines in this tale. Here's how:

1. Costume Parade Perfection

In the realm of runDisney, your attire is your armor. Whether you're inspired by gallant knights, benevolent fairies, or the mystique of a rogue pirate, ensure your costume captivates yet allows for the swiftest of strides. Remember, comfort in your regal garb ensures your smile remains as genuine as Cinderella's at the ball.

Our favorites for royal gear?

For those Disneybounding mixing flair with function during their run you can't go wrong with Flok Sportswear and Sparkle Athletic.

For those who want to go big or go home, TutuFactoryUSA and RunSewRepeat are two outstanding Etsy sellers.

2. Spell of Identification: Bib Number and PhotoPass Magic

Before you dash off to the starting line, cast the first spell of your adventure: link your bib number to the PhotoPass app using the sequence code provided. This magical incantation ensures that all your heroic feats are captured and attributed to you, the valiant runner. Make sure your bib is visible at all times, like a shield in battle, to guarantee that every photo finds its way back to your kingdom.

3. The Early Bird's Quest

As the sun rises over the kingdom, be among the first to greet the character sentinels along your journey. The queues for photographs can swell as quickly as the seas for Moana, so embark early to seize those magical moments with ease.

4. The Pose Practice Prophecy

Before setting off on your quest, practice the ancient art of posing. Whether it's a spellbinding spin, a valorous victory pose, or a jester's jest, having your poses at the ready will capture the essence of your adventure with the snap of a shutter. No seriously, we regularly add in fun selfie stops into run training here to make sure that we keep you on your "close-up" ready toes!

5. Vigilant for the Photo Wizards

Keep a keen eye for the lime green neon PhotoPass tents that house the photog wizards, Spotting them from afar allows you to ready your smile and pose, ensuring a picture-perfect moment.

6. Portraits in Motion

Fear not to request a fellow adventurer capture your essence in motion, or perhaps enchant your own device with a selfie spell. The path you run is filled with stories waiting to be told. Maybe it's at a character stop or at the mile markers, no shame in the selfie game, but asking a fellow runner to help you snag that perfect photo is a surefire way to make a new running bestie!

7. A Royal Pit Stop

Utilize the realm's restrooms for a swift hair-taming or costume adjustment, ensuring you remain regal for the camera. Just be wary of the balloon ladies—legendary harbingers that the sweep is nigh—and make your stop a quick quest so as not to fall behind.

Plan ahead with the myDisney app. Coach Christine is a big fan of hitting up the restrooms outside of the Cheshire Cafe before hitting the Castle during Princess weekend.

8. The Grand Finale at the Finish Line

Approach the finish line as if you're entering the grand ball. With every step, let your joy, pride, and relief shine, for this is the moment of your triumph, the closing chapter of your tale, captured for eternity.

9. The Medal of Honor

Post-race, your medal is not merely a trinket but a symbol of your courage, determination, and the magic you've woven. Let it shine in your photos, a beacon of your achievement. Make your reservations for character dining early or make sure to visit the parks in early hours the day following your race to capture those truly magical medal Monday (and every day) shots!

10. Spreading the Magic

With your quest complete, share your story far and wide. For every photo shared, a bit of magic spreads, inspiring fellow heroes to embark on their own runDisney adventures. This is not a time to be shy. Shout from the rooftops your accomplishments, you never know who you will inspire to pick up their own running shoes and create their happily ever after!

And, The Forbidden Folly:

Never, in your quest for the perfect photo, obstruct your fellow adventurers or the path they tread. In the pursuit of magic, remember the spell of kindness. Blocking paths, stopping suddenly in the race, or hogging time with characters disrupts the enchantment for all. This misstep is the one epic fail that could tarnish your tale.

Want more magical tips? Request the 50+ Ultimate runDisney Challenge guide compiled from years of experience, a love for Disney, and from experts interviewed on the podcast!


Meet Coach Christine - Once a corporate whirlwind, she ventured into the heartwarming nonprofit world. It was rewarding, but a whisper inside called her for a great big world and a calling to help others.

Enter the world of movement. After decking out her wall with certifications galore, she embarked on a mission. A mission to be the best fairy runmother she could be and make YOUR dreams come true, one happily ever finish line at a time.

Let's face it: You aren't a damsel in distress, but you are often the superstar who places everyone else's needs before your own.

As your fairy runmother aka coach, Christine aims to shift that narrative and help you see just how far you can go! She is ready to help you shine with whether you're lacing up for the first time or have countless miles under your belt.

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