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Squad Ghouls: 6-week Accountability Group!

Where are our Ghouls at??

Heading into cooler weather, fall races and the spooky season has us all feeling bold and boo-tiful! Come join our Ghoul Squad as we kick off our 6-week female-focused/female-identifying accountability group focusing on Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness.

Led by a Registered Dietician as well as two RRCA Certified Running Coaches there is plenty of knowledge, experience, and skills to be shared while putting the “Wee” on Halloween. Cue the scary music hit the lights, and come on in….we’ve been waiting for you Over this 6- week group we want to take some of the heat off that was built throughout the summer. Each week we will be changing up the focus and ensuring that the challenges make you think, feel, and move without taking over your entire life in the process.

Reminding you it’s perfectly ok to grab some Halloween candy when you feel like it while also having fun running/walking/moving as you map out your go-to Trick-or-Treating route and focusing your mind and soul to shine bright like the Sanderson sister’s candle no matter what type of day you are having.

Come shake your boo-thangs, pumpkins! We have some slaying to do!

Sign Up HERE to take advantage of our Spooky Special before prices go up on Sunday, September 4th!

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