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How to Run With Your Dog 🐾

Dogs are people's best friends (no offense to cat people) and they are the best running companions. However, just like with our training, we can't expect them to go and bust out a 5k on their very first run. You may be asking then, HOW do I get my dog to run with me and HOW do I do it safely?

Never fear, our resident safety queen Coach Shelby is here for your PRs and your pups!

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Get Ready to Let the Dogs Out

The Doggy Do's

  • Do pick the right time of day: The most important thing to remember is while we approach training similarly, dogs have one big disadvantage that we as humans do: They don't sweat the same as us. Their sweat glands only produce minimal amounts and therefore don't have the cooling benefit that we do and can lead to overheating. It is extremely important that you avoid extreme temperatures or midday runs to help mitigate the risk

  • Do use the proper leash: This is not the time to use a retractable leash. While they are popular, they do not allow for proper control and can cause injury to you, your dog, and others. You will want a leash with little to no give and can eventually look into a hands-free leash like this one.

  • Do consult your vet: Just like people, dogs should have a checkup before partaking in physical exercise. Most vets will advise waiting until the 1-year mark to have them join on the runs regularly or for long periods. While every breed is different and there are of course exceptions, it is best to get advice from the vet that knows your pet the best.

The Doggy Don'ts

  • Don't forget the water: Even if you don't usually take water for short runs, bring some for your puppy. Coach Shelby bought this one recently and talk about a game-changer. It's Lunaa approved and easy to use even when you are sweaty.

  • Don't take them on long runs: At least not until they are properly running consistent mileage and even then, we recommend having a loop route so you can drop them at home if they get too tired.

  • Don't forget to make it bright: Reflective collars, harnesses, and lights will have your dog shining bright and be seen especially during those early morning or evening runs. We preach that we should all let the light in and it's equally important for our running partners. Plus, they deserve to feel beautiful too!

Want to learn more about running with your puppy? Why it's called the "Dog Days of Summer" and hear the top 30 dog breeds to run with?

Check out our Dog Days of Summer Episode for all of the paws-itively great time!

*Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be taken as professional medical or veterinary advice. Please consult with a doctor or veterinarian before partaking in any physical activity*

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