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Personalized Training Series & Events

Team building audio series, personalized virtual race experiences, events and other endless possibilities. 

Still looking for ways to enhance employee morale and connect virtual teams?

While many companies are returning back to the office, hybrid workplaces have become the norm. 


However, how do you connect your team when they may be located in different buildings, cities, states, or even countries?


We can help!

Creating corporate wellness that understands your company mission and is branded and tailored to your organization.  


The TFB team is led by two RRCA-certified running coaches that have a deep understanding of the corporate world and know how valuable it is to keep your team happy and connected.  

Why sign your team up for an app that is promoting its products or a wellness center that doesn't understand your organization's unique needs when you can have a fully customizable audio series created with YOUR team, company, and community? 


Build team morale, and increase communication and teamwork with your own branded corporate wellness structured audio program. 

Jogging with Music

Interested in having TFB bring your corporate wellness program and virtual team-building to life? 

Click below to fill out our inquiry form.

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