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The Villains' Vault Showdown

It's time to channel the dark side and join the ranks of the most devious, daring, and dastardly villains around. 

We are collecting some of the voracious villains around to craft our teams and take over the roads, trails, and treadmills to spread our wicked ways. After playing nice with our Crown & Conquer Challenge, we are turning up the spice and getting down with our bad selves to welcome in the spooky season in style. Need a bit of fire under your feet? Want some sinfully delightful surprises along the way? Come join the dark side.....we promise we won't bite. 

Do you dare to come to the dark side?

Image by Park  Troopers

Make Your Mile Mark

We will be kicking off a mileage challenge and having our merry band of evilness to help us along. Each participant will take a pledge to cover at least 62 miles in 31 days while following our carefully crafted map to meet all of our friends on the other side before we end with a BOO-bash for the ages.

Candle Burning Ritual

Simply Sinful Specials

Kicking off on 10/1 - 10/31 you will join your fellow cohorts in crime and embark on our journey to world domination. Each (under) taker will be assigned to one of the teams with Coach Christine or Coach Shelby at the helm while being supported by ghouls, witches, and warlocks alike. 

Fortune Telling Cards

Play Your Cards

To be sure that there are treacherous turns to keep you on your toes, each day in our private group we will be having a sleight of hand and handing out Fitness Fortune Cards with either a activity, recipe or other adventure for all of the poor unfortunate souls. 

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Villains' Vault Treasure Trove:

The first team to rack up the miles and traverse the land will be crowned the winners of the challenge and upon meeting their challenge minimum will be entered to win the Grand Prize.

Grand Prize:

The winner of the Dark Decree of Mastery Grand Prize Winner Package will receive -

  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching, ensuring you rise in power and prowess.

  • Royal Runner's Pass to the next 6 months of TFB Training challenges

  • A coveted, sold-out bib for the 2024 Princess Half Marathon. 

  • A lavish gift card fit for the most stylish of villains to Flok Sportswear.

(Prize value of $1200)

The runner-up team’s villains in training that met their mileage minimum will be entered to win the Runner-up prize.

Runner-up Prize:  

The winner of the Deputy of Darkness will be presented with a bounty that includes - 

  • Whisper of Wisdom: 1 month of intensive coaching, preparing you for future quests and conquests.

  • Royal Runner’s Pass to the next 3 months of TFB Training challenges

  • Vault's Valuable Voucher: A gift card to Marvelous on Main Street jewelry


                                (Prize value of $300)


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What exactly is the Villans' Vault Showdown?


The Villains' Vault Showdown is a 31-day mile challenge and fabulously vicious fortune goal of the day inspired by some of our favorite Disney Villains. Participants will work together with their team to rack up the most miles over the month with a personal goal of hitting at least 62 miles on their own, The fortune of the day will be a surprise each morning to keep a little mystery at ever turn. 


What if I am currently injured and can't run? 


We want all levels and abilities to be part of this! If you are on a break from running, walking completely counts. If that is still not part of your immediate path please feel free to reach out and we will work with you to make it fair all the way around. 

How much does the challenge cost?


Our general registration pricing will be $39. Our bRUNch+ supporters and Facebook Community will receive a loyalty discount. Not part of our group? Come join and get all the perks! 

What else can we expect?

Along with the private group, there will be a"Wicked Workout of the Week" which will consist of FIVE audio recordings guiding you through a run that has been brewed specifically for this challenge. 

All participants to complete the challenge will be mailed a badge of honor prize to decree to the world that they took up the challenge to prove that sometimes it “pays to be a little bad.”



Enter our lair if you dare.....
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