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Time for Brunch was created to cultivate a space where the diversity of runners and walkers is celebrated, and everyone finds unity in the joy of movement. It’s about acknowledging our distinct journeys while discovering the shared rhythm that connects us; movement is our common language. Regardless of your pace, identity, or origins, you have a home within the Time for Brunch community. This is a call to all: runners, walkers, movers, and shakers alike, to join a supportive network rooted in connection, community, shared movement, and mindset. Because it’s not just brunch time—it's Time for Brunch, where every step brings us closer.

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Get to know your fellow movers and shakers on our community page! Share your goals, your workouts, and lend a comforting shoulder to those around you. Life is hard enough, our running shouldn't be! 


Regardless if you are out for an hour, 20 min walk, or just needing a friend, our podcast episodes offer motivation, tips, and a whole lot of sparkle to make even those rough days fun! 

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We want to hear from YOU! Every one of our Saturday episodes will be ending with "Coffee with a Coach" where we will feature a community members question of the week. Don't be shy---call, leave a message, and listen in to hear if YOUR question is featured!

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