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Our Mission

We started Time for bRUNch with the shared vision of creating a community where all runners and walkers are welcomed. Embracing what makes us all unique while finding that common ground that bonds us all; movement. No matter how you move, who you are, or where you are from, there is a place in the TFB community for you. Come one, come all, cuz' it's Time for bRUNch!!!  

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Get to know your fellow bRUNch crew on our community page! Share your goals, your workouts, and lend a comforting shoulder to those around you. Life is hard enough, our running shouldn't be! 


Regardless if you are out for an hour, 20 min walk, or just needing a friend, our podcast episodes offer motivation, tips, and a whole lot of sparkle to make even those rough days fun! 

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We want to hear from YOU! Every one of our Saturday episodes will be ending with "Coffee with the Coaches" where we will feature a community members question of the week. Don't be shy---call, leave a message, and listen in to hear if YOUR question is featured!

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