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TFB Productions, LLC

Contact: Christine Hetzel
Phone: (321) 848-1821



Canceled celebratory 5k gives way to creating a virtual connection for 350 Central Florida schoolgirls. 


Girls on the Run of Central Florida (GOTRCFL) was supposed to celebrate the Fall season 5k, but after two hurricanes rolled through Central Florida, the organization was disappointed to learn that the venue site had suffered extensive damage. Rather than canceling the celebratory season-end 5k, the organization called on their partners to help give these young girls a 5k worthy of all their hard work. A local organization stepped in to help provide the girls with a 5k celebration and venue for January. 

After training for 3 months, the girls deserve to cross the finish line in style. However, with the season and school semester officially closing, GOTRCFL wasn’t sure how they would help keep the girls connected and consistent through the holidays. TFB Productions stepped in to create a dynamic and on-demand podcast series to keep the girls in training so they could accomplish their 5k dreams. Led by 2-RRCA certified coaches, the podcast episodes are designed exclusively for Girls on the Run participants to help guide their workouts with audio prompts and encouragement. “As a mom with a young daughter, I always want to uplift and empower the next generation.” said co-founder Shelby Schmidt, “ Being able to support these young women, especially through our running-focused podcasts, makes it a natural fit.” 

The podcast series will help the girls continue their training, stay connected to their teams, and harness the resiliency taught within the GOTRCFL curriculum. The series holds special significance for TFB Productions, LLC, as the company was founded by two female running coaches that want to revolutionize the world of running and fitness. Christine Hetzel, co-founder states, “the podcasting platform helps to break down barriers of accessing coaches and training to empower the participants with the guidance they need to stay encouraged. This series aligns with our company mission of making running more accessible and inclusive to people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, abilities, and paces.”



About TFB Productions, LLC.:

TFB Productions, LLC helps to highlight organizations' and nonprofits' missions, passion, and purpose with the communities they serve. Providing structured and guided audio workouts that allow teams and participants to participate virtually from all over the world toward one common "finish line." The structured workout programs are led by two enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable coaches that are determined to make every workout fun, dynamic, and approachable. 


About Girls on the Run of Central Florida:

Girls on the Run® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to enhance participants' social, emotional, and physical skills to successfully navigate life experiences. Our fun, interactive lessons meet the unique needs of participants of all abilities and backgrounds.

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