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Sweet & Savory Showdown!

Making sure that we are fueling our runs, workouts, and beyond, we have another Sweet & Savory showdown!

A little pasta, a cold drink, and a side of Time for bRUNch? Sign us up!

With Christine getting done with Tokyo and us preparing for Spring Time Surprise we know that we have to keep putting in goodness to get it out. Coach Shelby loves her pasta and this dish is perfect to play around with---sub the prosciutto for tofu, add some shrimp, or throw in more veggies to get that extra fiber! Need to quench that post-run thirst? Coach Christine is bringing the summer vibes early and giving a nod to our Florida oranges with a cool, sweet, sip that is sure to cool you down after a hard workout.

What team are you on this week?


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