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#Instafun PR Low Down

On this week's Quick Bytes we have some REEEEEEL fun.

Instagram is my (Coach Shelby's) playground. There are some people who aren't reel lovers, and that's ok. However, I love reels and hoped they are *lit* forever. Can you tell I'm trying to stay hip? Is it working?

While I contemplate how I can not become outdated let's bring it back to those who are filling my love tank with laughs!

We talk about all of these wonderful accounts on the show but want to be sure you can find them easily since we highly doubt you have a pen and paper on your workouts (no judgment if you actually do). Above all else, even if you don't love every single account, every single reel, or hate social media---the biggest thing we want to leave you with is that we need to have fun. We are serious about moving, serious about running, but seriously will never be against fun.

Maybe this will inspire you to post the selfie, make the reel, or just remind you that we are all out there, doing our own thing, and with every mile there really are more smiles to be had at every turn.

Tag @timeforbrunchpodcast with your favorite accounts/reels and maybe even make your own and tag us so we can like, comment, and share on our own page!!

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