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Holiday Gift Guide #3: Giving Tuesday

The thrill of shopping for gifts, scoring a great deal, and wrapping it up in a sparkly bow can be exhilarating. We love gifts and in no way would we ever tell someone NOT to get a physical/tangible gift if that's what they wanted to do.

Here at TFB though we also always want to make sure that we stay true to who we are, what's in our hearts, and what is at the core of all of this: Helping others.

We've been lucky to already have a few non-profits on the show and learn more about the great work they are doing both on and off the run such as:

While these 3 did make our list we also are including a few more for you to consider donating to this Giving Tuesday. Keeping in mind your "gift" could be monetary, volunteering time, or that race medal you no longer want....there is no one size fits all for giving, just like there is not a one size fits all runner.

"Our Giving Tuesday "bRUNch Tasting Menu"

  • Brave Like Gabe- Founded by the late Gabe Grunewald, this organization is all about running and the mission to fund rare cancer research so that one day there will be more treatments, options, and hopefully cures. Headed by her husband Justin Grunewald and their amazing team, the organization has continued to thrive even after the heartbreak of Gabe's passing as well as her sister Abigail's. With events such as their annual 5K and the Silo District Half Marathon, you can sign up for a race and show support or even consider raising/donating funds to go directly to their cause. On a personal side note: Coach Shelby has had the pleasure to interact with the organization directly and can attest to the fact that the love and devotion runs deep----pun intended!

  • Girls on the Run: You all know this one has a special place in Coach Christine's heart and after the conversation with Crystal and Kristen it's easy to see why. Entrenched in the belief that girls really can do anything, GOTR is making sure that our young girls know that they are in fact limitless. Guiding groups through the mind-body connection, they have thought-provoking lessons paired with our beloved activity of running in hopes that both will help the girls navigate life changes, not falling into the "comparison trap", and empowering them to shine bright fully and unapologetically as themselves.

  • Still I Run: If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to the episode with the founder, Sasha Wolff, we urge you to catch it on your next bRUNch. Exemplifying the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", Sasha did just that after going through her own mental health struggles and has impacted SO many people since then. SIL works to break the stigma surrounding mental health, promotes running/movement as part of individuals "mental health toolbox, and also provides "Starting Line Scholarships" to people looking to run that may need extra support. The impact that we've seen just from her episode has been so powerful and heartwarming with even one of our bRUNch crew members becoming an ambassador for them! Remembering that on or off the run you are never alone. You are worthy, you are wanted, and despite the cloudy days; Still I Run.

  • Back on My Feet: Operating in 17 different cities, Back on My Feet is working towards revolutionizing how our society approaches homelessness. Bringing it back to the core belief of putting one foot in front of the other, they work with individuals to restore confidence, strength, and self-esteem, and to equip them with the tools to tackle the journey ahead of them. Along with providing practical training they also focus on employment resources and cultivating a strong sense of community rooted in hope, compassion, and accountability. It truly does take a village with every step.

  • Kellsie’s Hope: Started by Kellsie Marchbanks during her second round of cancer treatment, her work has been continued by her family to help other families and kids going through the daunting journey of cancer treatment. Shining a bit of magic to these families and kids in the way of trips and gifts, they are determined to give light through even the hardest days. In an effort to support ongoing research into childhood cancer, they also raise awareness and funds for the education of healthcare providers with their annual nursing scholarship----Changing the landscape for current and future patients alike.

  • Medals 4 Mettle: After running for often hours on end, we often joke that we are just there for the medal. For someone fighting a health crisis, the end game is much much bigger than one day or one race. Medals 4 Mettle takes donated race medals earned by runners from all over and distributes them to kids and adults fighting debilitating illnesses and diseases. While we aren't saying that you have to part with your favorite medals, you may have 1 or 2 that you could donate knowing that the inspiration from that finishers medal will go on to foster a burning fire of grit and resilience in someone who is facing the ultimate marathon of their lives. Channel that feeling of when you got it and we dare you not to get teared up thinking of the impact it could have on one of the strong warriors!

  • Free to Run: What if you weren't able to go out for a run, what if it was illegal, and what if you didn't permission to even be outdoors? That is the reality women and girls are faced within areas of conflict and oppression. Free to Run is striving to bring safe places, practices, and opportunities to these areas to rebuild skills, empowerment, and promote women and girls with confidence in themselves and in their community. Established in 2014 they have created change in the lives of 3,000 women and girls living in various regions including: Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and currently expanding into Iraq.

  • The Trevor Project: No one should be alone, feel alone, or feel like they are anything less than amazing just because of who they love, how they identify, or who they are. The Trevor Project works to provide support and information to young LGBTQ+ members with a 24/7 crisis counseling via phone, text, and chat in addition to their robust online resources. In a very powerful point on their site, they show that just ONE accepting adult in a young LGBTQ+ person's life can lower the risk of suicide by 40%. Supporting this organization helps to allow them to receive that support and come together to take that integral step forward in making all feel valued, loved, and accepted.

As we look towards 2023 we want to actively work on having more great organizations and their supporters on the show because it's one thing to read about them and a whole other thing to hear from them. If you or someone you know has/supports a great cause/organization PLEASE email us at so we can continue to learn and highlight them!

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