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Holiday Gift Guide #6: Stocking Stuffers & Last-Minute Gifts for Runners

Coach Shelby has proclaimed her love for all things STOCKINGS! While Coach Christine is still rooting for her Hanukkah stocking we've got you covered no matter what.

These can be great last-minute gifts, items to add an extra sparkle, or even a secret Santa you forgot about. Runners and non-runner alike will not say "Elf NO!" to any of these options:

  • Pura Vida and Lokai: These bracelets jazz up any athleisure wear outfit and can be a wonderful addition to your race day attire to give you an extra pep in your step. Plus, there are some great causes that work with both brands so it's a feel-good purchase as well!

  • Shoe tags: Even though we don't want you looking down at your shoes while you run that doesn't mean that they can't have a little bling to keep them shining like a holiday star. So many small businesses have them available on Etsy it's a great opportunity to support small with something that is actually small but highly meaningful.

  • Lottery Tickets: Please gamble responsibly and follow applicable laws but as long as you meet those criteria this is the most fun stocking stuffer in Shelbys opinion. The act of doing a scratch-off or winning a few dollars on a ticket may not be as wonderful as a PR but may help you get those new pair of shoes. 😉

  • Bib Fasteners: True story, Shelby almost missed her Turkey Trot this year due to not having safety pins to secure my bib. Thankfully, she was able to secure them (pun intended) but these may be the key to that box. Christine may not use them BUT she knows she should---much like those pre-run dynamic warmups. Maybe we will have to gift these to each other to insure that we actually DO use them....

  • No Tie Shoe Laces: This may solve Shelby's untied left shoe problem and make a good "shoefie" as Christine has dubbed it (shoe selfie) You tighten, secure, and GO! Super curious if any of our bRUNch crew have these! If you do let us know if they are as amazing as they sound!!!

  • Coffee Gift Card: or any gift cards. This allows someone to get a treat without guilt. Massage gift cards, a certificate to the local running store, their favorite restaurant, the possibilities are endless and on a day where everything seems heavy, these can often brighten their day! BONUS: Then we can low key low ball our estimated coffee consumption without having credit card statement proof.

  • Runners Fuel: Honey Stinger, GU, Huma, OH MY! So many to choose from and often can an overlooked during a training cycle until it's the bitter end. Maybe there is a runner in your life that is new to fueling on the run or maybe you know someone who is still searching for that mystical and magical fuel that doesn't upset your stomach---either way, play a bit of gel roulette and make it rain!

  • Zensah Compression Sleeves: The calf sleeves are the BEST! You can wear them with slippers, sandals, barefoot, whatever. Regardless if you are a believer in compression or not, these don't disappoint and make for a great post-run recovery option. Shelby's husband says they are SOOOOO hot---or maybe he said not hot? Details aren't important when it comes to fashion.

  • Rock N Roll Tour Pass: Holy options!!! If you know someone who loves the RNR series or maybe is working on doing a half marathon in every state, this is a great option to help ease the financial investment of someone already investing so much into their goals. With different passes and the ability to customize the possibilities are endless, or so we've been told---math isn't our strong suit and we lost count.

  • Subscription Boxes: Another creative gift that keeps on giving. You can set up a subscription or send a solo box but either way, they are chock-full of festive and running goodness. Two companies we've become familiar with are The Runners Box and Funrunbox. Both have their own rhythm and stride but you can't go wrong with getting these for the runner in your life: *Side Bar* these are especially amazing for new runners who still have so many questions and are eager to learn all things running!

Which of our gift guides has been your fave so far? Only ONE more to go and if we're's probably our favorite!!!

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