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Holiday Gift Guide #5: Post-Run Recovery, Cross-training, & After the Run Fun

If we are being honest, the post-run party is half the fun of races. However, not all runs end in that finish-line beverage, pumping DJ music, and every snack imaginable. (Wouldn't it be awesome if that was the case?!?!)

Until we can arrange to have our own personal post-run party person, we will have to make do with these amazing recovery items, strength training go-to's, and of course some brewed beverages.

On your mark, get set, let's GO!

Let's kick it off with the one thing that we think most runners hate more than full rest days:

Strength Training!

We won't give you a long speech on why strength training is important, even though it is. But that doesn't mean that we won't gently nudge you towards simple equipment and programs that do stand up to the willpower of a runner's aversion to doing anything other than running.

Resistance Bands: These bands are portable, lightweight, and have plenty of potential. Not only do they come in different resistance types they also are made of woven fabric with ADORABLE prints. Just looking at them made us smile, and can take your strength routine from flat to FAB!

Jump Rope: Hear us out---this isn't your childhood double dutch rope, it's not going to give you playground cred or make all the other kids on the block green with envy. However, it does adjust and if you talk to Coach Shelby and her feisty 5'2 stature, it's a very important feature. You don't have to cut, wrap, or tie for the perfect fit. Just slide to the left, slide to the right, crisscross, and cha-cha reallllllll smooth!!

Kettlebells: An easier grip and lift than the traditional dumbbells perfect for squats, swings, and with the options available at Kettlebell Kings there are many options. Personally, the design that allows adjusting the weight piques our interest.

Strength Training Programs: CVG (Constantly Varied Gear) and ABF Daily (Audrey Bowman Fitness) are both impeccable programs with high notes of their own. If you are working to incorporate strength training into your schedule (which we all need to be), these are a great option to dip your toes into the pool without feeling like you've been thrown into the deep end.

Medicine Balls: What may seem like a staple of any garage, this small but mighty piece can be another lower-cost and space-saving addition. From Walmart, Amazon, or 5 Below, you can pick one of two up in different sizes and use them for wall sits, squat throws, or hold while adding in a few lunges!

Add-on dumbbell: Shut the front door----How does this sorcery work? Bars with attachment options for weights I already own? I'm intrigued! You'll sense a common theme with many items on our lists---we are trying to maximize what we have/get. To be able to adapt without always having to buy new or take up an entire corner is the reality so many of us have to work through and adapt to. That's why products like these make us pause, perk up, and click for more!


Taking those post-mile minutes from AHHHHHH to ahhhhhh

OOFOS: Coach Shelby was a skeptic until she got a pair, and hands down, she says she'll get another pair. They are cushy, supportive, and the perfect compliment after miles. While they may not be sleek, sexy, or fashionable, they DO hug in all the right places. Even wearing these around the house vs. going barefoot can be a game changer when it comes to aches and pains.

Foam Roller: This is a "buzz item" within the running world that often collects a lot of dust in the corner. *Go show it some love before you keep reading this* It is like the Swiss Army knife, though, when it comes to your recovery AND pre-run routine. Adding it to your pre-run warmup can help to elongate/stretch your muscles, and post-run it helps to promote blood flow and enhance circulation. In short, all of those things are good and can be done with ONE single item.

The Stick: As soon as Coach Christine mentioned this on the podcast, Coach Shelby was intrigued. This is a perfect travel companion vs. a bulkier foam roller (don't worry, foam roller, we still love you) but if you are traveling for your races, add this to your "Runcation Checklist."

Massage Gun: If you Google "running recovery," you'll be greeted with approximately 5000000 different massage gun brands, reviews, and designs. Sometimes those options can even make our heads spin! So we turned to to help us narrow down some popular ones so we can run our miles on the road, not in our minds!

Nature's Willow Products: Pain patches, daily relief soothing bar soap, pain relief cream, and more ready to help those sore muscles without the intense smell many products have. These options don't contain any artificial fragrances or dyes, are not tested on animals AND are plant-based, so they leave your muscles AND your heart happy.

The Everything Else

This is the etc, etc, etc.

Athletic Brewing Company: If a beer mile is your thing or if, you are like Coach Christine and take beverages from strangers, we suggest trying out a new NA option. Athletic Brewing Company is making waves in style in running, triathlons, and beyond. By donating 2% of sales from every product they have raised over $2.5 towards protecting and restoring local trails.

TFB Merch: If you're looking to get a comfy post-run pullover, cheeky coffee mug, or maybe even a tank top for when the snow melts---We've got you covered. Funny sayings, colorful TFB touches, and more, all designed and curated specifically by our bRUNchtastic dynamic duo (US!)

Leaves & Lattes Glass Company: Looking for more of an iced coffee glass with a cute saying, kooky characters, or a bit of sparkle? Heidi from L&L is a small business worth supporting and purchasing from! With both of us loving her work AND her as a person, we couldn't be more excited to see what new items she has coming up and what her next big release will be!

Des Linden Coffee: If we can't run the 2018 Boston Marathon like Des Linden, we may as well drink like her. In collaboration with her husband Ryan, Linden X Two offers world-class coffee carefully curated and roasted in small batches to pack major flavor into the "gold medal standard" of coffee.

Bib Display: Coach Shelby keeps all her bibs, and a fancy display for them feels only fitting. No matter how crinkled or crusty they may be, these holders will keep them secure and out of the landfill----Win, win---right?

Medal Display: Medal Hangers has your back and room for all those amazing RunDisney blingtastic awards. We work hard for those medals and they should be on display: in the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room!! Ok, maybe that's a little far, but seriously, be proud of the accomplishments, and don't hide them in a shoe box!

Erica Sara Commemorative Jewelry–You don't need a PR or a bucket list race to treat yourself to some bling. Erica Sara is a small business that has done amazing things. She is a runner, mom, small business owner, and incredibly gifted in making pieces of jewelry to be lived in, not just worn for show. Ranging from charms to rings, there is a little bit of something for everyone (Or multiple things, according to Shelby)

Commemorative Etched Race Pint Glasses: Shelby's mom got these for the both of us, and we are in love!! If you are like us and let running seep into every area of your life these are a great option to house your cold ale or iced coffee during the post-run stretch party.

Finding new ways to use items you have? Inspired to order something you've been eyeing?

Let us know what you think and what is maybe getting "Added to cart" at!

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