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Holiday Gift Guide #4: Apparel

What do you wear? Snow Problem. We Got you Covered!

While Coach Shelby doesn't enjoy clothes shopping as a whole, she makes an exception for running clothes. Coach Christine has been very vocal of her love for Bolder Athletic Wear skirts but we knew for this we had to be practical for those runners who don't share in our FL "summer-winter". To be fair, there is still a skirt on this list but thanks to our AMAZING bRUNch Crew community---it's fit for a Snow Queen.

Coach Picks:

Handful Biker Shorts: These are tried and true against 13.1 LONG miles by Coach Shelby. Heads up that they are on the longer side and come right above the knee on her (She's 5"2), but they are comfy, lightweight, and worth it!

CVG (Constantly Varied Gear): Coach Christine loves her CVG, and it's easy as 1, 2, 3! With leggings, vests, and even a dress, there is a little something for you and the other workout enthusiasts in your life. The biggest sell? Their leggings are SQUAT APPROVED! Say goodbye to visible under-roos while lifting heavy and just focus on the PR or new lift record.

TFB Merch!!!! : A little shameless plug here that we offer some great pre and post-run gear for you to lounge in and show your TFB love as you Netflix and chill. We have jackets, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, mugs, bottles, and MORE. If one item or design isn't your jam, no worries, we already have some coming out of the oven and waiting for their frosting.

Brooks High Visible Gear: Fashion meets function in all the best ways. With 3M strips sewn right into the leggings, shoes, shirts, and more, there is no excuse not to be lit up like your holiday tree or brightly lit candle. Plus, who doesn't love obnoxiously bright yellow?

Runder Wear: With a no-chafe guarantee, we have to admit, we are intrigued. While Coach Shelby never thought she would have specific underwear just for running but it does make sense: we have certain brands/styles we use purely for running, so why not underwear?

Beanies: While we are bummed that Aliphine Tuliamuk closed her shop, beanies are the way to go! Even though Shelby has her beanie on lockdown, she was kind enough to look up some honorable mentions:

Hydration belt/Running belts: If you need to carry some water, your ID, or maybe a few dollars for that post-run coffee, both Flip Belt and Nathans have you covered! Pockets, bottles, and storage--OH MY! FLIP BELTS

As run coaches, we know when to flex our expertise and reach out to our peers and community to extend our knowledge. This is where we Florida gals don't have much experience, but we get by with a little help from our friends. 😉

With a HUGE thanks to Dee from our bRUNch Crew, we were able to get the community involved and share some of their favorite layers, warm weather gear, and more as they tackle the cold and snow.

Apple Sauce Amy (The Running Dietitian): "Minnesota runner here. Typically I can get away with wearing shorts at 30 and will wear long compression socks. Anything under 30 is usually pants. I dislike capris so much. I've really like Senita's thermal pants and a thermal pair from Brooks so far this year."

Ilanna G: I also really like these mittens/gloves from Trailheads when I can’t decide if I need gloves. I have a few pair and just toss them on the wash with my running laundry.

Shannon A.: Today was a feels like 30°. I wore joy lab (Target brand) pants, compression socks knee highs, Christmas socks over them. A quick dry tank, long sleeve and a sweatshirt. Other days I love my all in motion running jacket which is also Target brand. A turtle fur headband and primalot gloves. The gloves I take on and off throughout the race if I’m warmed up/in the sun or windy/shady/chilly

The response we both resonate most with comes from Carrie B:

Ummm…my treadmill. Sorry, I’m of no use on this one because I won’t do the cold weather running.

But we gotta give a special shout-out to Kira R, who provided the ultimate cold weather breakdown by degrees and made it easy to understand even for those of us who have more of a warm condition adaption. THANK YOU, KIRA!!!

Kira R

50-55° - Running tights with pockets, long sleeve dry wick shirt

40-50° - Running tights with pockets, long sleeve dry wick shirt, and light running jacket (or sweatshirt)

30-40° all the same as above, plus running gloves and ear coverings

20-30° all the same as above but add a tee shirt over long sleeve shirt under the jacket, and a full hat instead of just an ear covering

Below 20° usually move the run to another day, but if I have to, it would be the same as above, but sweatshirt over long sleeve shirt under the jacket.

Did your favorites make the list? Have anything to add or give a shout-out to?

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