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Holiday Gift Guide #2: "Big Ticket" Items

It's GO time. The days that some people train harder for than an actual marathon. BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY!!!

While Coaches Christine and Shelby were honest and said they aren't all in on the sales races we appreciate that it's a great time to save some of your hard-earned $$$ to get gear and other items that you've been eyeing. This led us to think it was the perfect time to launch the big-ticket item list! We did our best to sniff out the savings of the running world and hopefully help you get something special for yourself that you may not normally grab.

Runners: Start your stretches, grab your wallets, and let's put that speed work to the test!!!!

Garmin Smart Watch: Smartwatches are one of those extras that teter between a true "luxury" and something that is a necessary evil. You can fully run without a watch but as you start to play with pace, mileage, speed work, etc. it's near impossible not to have some form of a watch to help you track it. There are many out there and some are much cheaper, BUT, if you are looking for a solid choice on the higher ticket end Coach Shelby recommends the Forerunner 245. Normally priced at $299 it's on sale for $279.99 on Garmin BUT it's $199 at! (As of 11/22/220). It has just enough features to keep it exciting without you needing to break out a master's degree in IT.

Hyperice Massage Gun: One of those "extra" recovery tools that are a bit more on the practical side due to its easy storage, travel ability, and all-around ease of use. Their sales have already started and prices range from $129-$299 (As of 11/22/22) with periodic sales throughout the calendar year as well. Great for pre/post run use and much more convenient than having to go to a massage therapist every time you have a tight spot.

BOB Jogging Stroller: For all the moms/moms to be out there, Shelby gets that everything is hella expensive. I made plenty of mistakes in my purchases while pregnant but this is one investment I have NEVER regretted and still use 5 years later. I fell in love with BOB strollers while building our registry and used basically all my gift cards from the baby shower to put toward this. I knew I wanted to run post-party and knew I wanted to run with my daughter once we were able to. With a hand break, locking wheel, safety strap, and adjustable seat back it's a dream for momma and baby. While BOB isn't having sales both Target and Buy Buy Baby have the Alterrain Pro All-Weather Strollers on sale from $699 to $599. BONUS: These are pretty common to pick up second-hand for less but in good condition so if you fall in love and the price is still too high, consider giving it a look!

Treadmill/Stationary bike/Elliptigo: You probably saw a treadmill and had your ears perk up!! Treadmills are always a hot ticket item come Black Friday, especially with the new year right around the corner and many programs pushing the toxic "new year, new you" narrative. Don't let that deter you though, treadmills can be a great time/life saver during cold winters and hot summers so check out a few while keeping in mind Coach Shelby's advise: Keep it simple to get the longest use out of the machine, don't get wrapped up in the bells and whistles.

Oura ring: Coach Christine isn't a fan of keeping her smartwatch on 24/7 and is intrigued by this small but mighty ring. With the ability to track your cycle, recovery, activity, and more it seems like something right out of a Sci-Fi film. We will leave all of the high-tech speak to them but check out their different colors and styles to see if they speak your love language. A few are on sale so if you like it put a ring on it! 💍

Normatec Recovery Boots $699 on sale (as of 11/22/22) from $799: While these are not a NEED, they look cool and relaxing. A few of our bRUNch crew friends have used them and reported that they are indeed pretty neat! Not sold on if there are benefits? Check out this article by Runners World

Running Shoes: This can be tricky if the runner in your life isn't a creature of habit and plays running shoe roulette. A gift card is the safest bet in that case either to the local running store, favorite sporting goods retailer, etc. We suggest a gift card because speaking from experience it forces me to actually treat myself to a pair vs being practical 😂 Both of us coaches love Brooks and they are currently having their pre-sale online if you care to browse and dip your toes in the Brooks brook (get it? Cuz a brook is a body of water??? Bet you can't tell who wrote thissssss 😉)

Runcation/Race Entries: Cuz we're leavinggggggg on a jet plane!!! Kick up your feet, throw on the compression socks, and get ready to run your heart out. Some of the best runctions that come to mind are RunDisney, Grand Teton & Yellowstone Half Marathon , 7-mile bridge run, and the top of all the tops, The Abbott World Majors. We only slightly are trying to skew your decision by including 2 Florida races here.....

Hydration Vest: These are especially handy when it comes to marathon training and ultra training so you aren't having to plan the mileage around water fountains, liquid handoffs, or worse---going without!!! A good-fitting hydration vest will make all the difference and guard against excessive sloshing, chafing, and aches. The highest-rated vest we've found, which is also loved by our BFF Apple Sauce Amy, comes from Nathans Sports. With every color, size, and design, you're guaranteed to find one that fits just right. Plus: it looks like they will be having a ton on sale come Black Friday soooooo eyes up and open!

Above all else, remember that these items don't make you a runner. At the end of the day, nothing will make you better other than going out, logging miles, and showing up for yourself. If these items are in your budget and something you want, GO FOR IT! If these are a bit out of reach, don't fret or stress, we have more lists coming your way with a bit more everyday grabs!

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