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Holiday Gift Guide #1: "On the Run" items

Regardless if you are buying for yourself or a fellow runner, mover, or shaker. We have you covered!!

Starting on Wednesday, November 16th we will be sharing our gift guides broken into different categories and making sure that there is a little something for everyone and every budget. Kicking it off with our "On the Run" list we talked about in this week's "Quick Bytes" we present the full list WITH links to make sure you aren't getting lost in the massive shop that is Google Search!

Strap in folks because HO HO Here we go!!!

Road ID bracelet $25+ These come in different colors, styles, and carrying options there is no excuse NOT to have one on you when you are out and about! Attach it to your smartwatch, or your shoe, or rock it as a separate bracelet!

(Photo courtesy of

Bombas socks Single pair is $13 but they have multi-pair packs that have a built-in discount. *BONUS: You can get 20% off your first order!* These are Coach Shelby's favorite socks, specifically the crew sock with the heel tab. Plus these come with an extra cozy dose of goodness because when you purchase a pair of socks, they donate a pair to homeless shelters since socks are the #1 requested item there.

Koala Clip $29+ but most are $35. This convenient pouch can hold your phone, credit card, fuel, etc all hands-free. Coming in different sizes, colors, and sayings you can pick your style guide and put it securely within the sports bra with no bounce and a little extra reminder to stand tall and smile bright.

Shokz headphones starting at $79 are the open-ear headphones of choice for us bRUNch coaches. Sitting on the outside of the ear and using jawbone conducting technology allows you to hear your surroundings and listen to your favorite music---almost as good of a combo as Christine and Shelby (we may be a bit biased on that one)

Sparkle visors $30 and up. It has sparkle in the name, so obviously, this is Christine's pick! Even though Shelby is definitely on the sparkling train as well, it's captained by Christine. The visors are cute, and functional while keeping your eyes shaded so you can keep them locked on that finish line and brunch waiting for you!

Tifosi Optics: Starting at $25 these are the BEST non-polarized running glasses, blue light-blocking glasses, and more! They are durable and a great bang for your buck but the nice part is if they do meet their untimely demise, you won't break the bank to get a new pair.

(Photo courtesy of Sparkle Athletics)

YakTrax $55 and up. Us Florida gals don't know much about the snow or frozen terrain but runners we know do and the general consensus is that these are needed unless you want to fall on your glutes. They look pretty bada$$ though and we love a good accessory so we are in! (In the house with a warm blanket that is.....)

Feetures socks Want more sock options? Check out Feetures for more foot fun! Ranging from 15+ they, like Bombas, are an investment but if you sign up for their newsletter/email list you can get 15% off your first order which should help with any friction from your feet to your wallet.

Noxgear 39G speaker A steal of a deal alert! Normally $100 and currently on sale for $60 (as of 11/15/22) makes this speaker is small but mighty and more budget-friendly to boot. We know you just can't wait to share bRUNch with everyone around you so this little speaker does the trick. Whether you clip it on your cap, shirt, or your shorts you'll be able to move, shimmy, and shake from your first 10th of a mile.

(Photo courtesy of Noxgear)

Body Glide: $8.99 Chaff happens, enough said. It's a convenient stick that will help take the OW out of Oh WOW!

goodr: $25 dollars and cozy like a winter morning. Christine's go-to glasses are polarized and come in a rainbow of colors. The names make you smile while you log your miles......kinda like something else we know 😉

(Photo courtesy of goodr)

Saucony Socks: A cheaper sock option that still stands up to the sweat and miles ahead. An 8pack starts around $14.99 and ranges in price depending on color $14.99 8 pack

Noxgear vest Normally $84 is currently on sale for $49.95!! (As of 11/15/22) this will light you up like a holiday tree and make you bright for all to see. Even Coach Christine said it helped her stand out while running on International Drive in Orlando! You don't have to be driving on a busy street though to wear this, with it getting darker earlier or going out during the early morning it's always smarter to shine and be seen.

(Photo courtesy of Noxgear)

Ready for the next episode? Think we missed something and want to be sure the next list has it? Reach out to us at or give us a shout on Instagram or Facebook!

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