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Help! My Loved One Turned into a Runner!" A Survival Guide for Living with the Running-Infected

So, you've recently discovered that the person you cherish has been bitten by the running bug. Maybe you woke up one morning to find them mysteriously missing, only to see them return all sweaty, smiling, and in neon-colored shoes. Or perhaps you've noticed they've replaced Netflix binges with "just a quick 5k" and now get "rungry" if they miss their afternoon snack.

First off, breathe. Your loved one hasn’t joined a weird cult (well, runners are a bit like their own cult, but a friendly one!). They've just found a new passion. And I'm here to help you navigate this newfound land of energy gels, early bedtimes, and strange lingo like "fartlek."

Bedtime Stories: You remember those wild Friday nights of staying up late watching movies? Ah, the good ol' days. But now, your partner heads to bed at the same time as your grandma. Why? Because they have a long run planned for the dawn. While the early bedtime might be a buzzkill, think of it this way: you now have uninterrupted time for that secret reality TV show they always judge you for or your latest gaming addiction. Win-win!

The Great Carbohydrate Conspiracy: If your partner gets grumpy without their daily dose of pasta or bread, don't be alarmed. Carbohydrates are the new love language for runners. They need it to fuel those endless miles. The good news? You now have an excuse to keep the kitchen stocked with all sorts of baked goodies. "Honey, I bought these donuts for you."

"Us Time" Becomes "Shoe Time": Notice how your date nights have subtly turned into tripsto the local running store? Here's a tip: embrace it! Get involved. Ask if they need a new foam roller or a specific type of sock. They'll appreciate the effort and probably reward you with an actual date night – after their next race, of course.

Is There Ever Too Much Running Talk? As their personal cheerleader, you might have to listen to endless chatter about split times, sore calves, and their next race strategy. Nod, smile, and occasionally throw in a, "You're amazing!" But if it gets too much, steer the conversation towards shared interests. Or jokingly say, "Remember when we talked about other things than running? Good times!" Or drop a not-so-subtle hint by having them read this blog post here.

But, Where's the Time for Me? It's easy to feel sidelined when your partner is constantly on the run (pun intended). But remember, they're not running from you, but for themselves and, by extension, for the relationship.

They're chasing a healthier body, clearer mind, and better emotional well-being.

This benefits you both in the long run (yep, another pun!). Still feeling left out? Here's an idea: join them on a run once in a while. Even if you walk or cheer from the sidelines, it's a chance to bond and see the world through their sweaty lens.

In Conclusion:

Your loved one’s new running obsession might seem like an alien invasion at first, but with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of understanding, you’ll soon realize they’re the same person.

Only now, with more sneakers and a shinier medal collection.

Embrace the journey with them. After all, life is a marathon, not a sprint. And having someone to run beside you, even metaphorically, makes it all worth it.

Want to be the best spectator ever? Download our spectator checklist here.

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