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Girls on the Run & TFB Productions LLC

Here at Time for bRUNch you've heard us talk about wanting to uplift, support, and share our love for running. That's why we jumped in with both feet when we heard about Girls on the Run Central Florida (GOTRCFL) having to cancel their originally planned 5k due to hurricane damage. (Full press release here)

Training can have a lot of ups and downs, but having support makes it 100% easier.

Thanks to the kindness and quick thinking of Track Shack, they gave ALL of the girls complimentary entries to their pre-planned Park Avenue 5K in January! Obstacle number #1 was officially cleared, and it appeared to be smooth sailing. However, with the timeline of the 5k stretched out, it meant the training plan also had to be extended. That is exactly where TFB Productions LLC came in.

TFB Productions LLC is the umbrella that Time for bRUNch is housed and where we will be officially launching our non-profit and corporate partnerships!

TFB Productions LLC (with Coaches Christine and Shelby at the helm) will be creating a 7-week audio series artfully crafted for GOTRCFL, guiding the participants through their workout, highlighting the GOTR curriculum, and welcoming in special guest host to continue inspiring the girls as they power through this speed bump of training. Encapsulating the teachings of GOTR, sharing our running expertise, and mixing in a healthy dose of fun is the perfect recipe to ensure that all the hard work put in continues to bake to perfection.

Collaborating with Girls on the Run and Track Shack is exciting beyond words, and we are ready to crush some miles while adding our smiles!

If you are interested in learning more about Girl on the Run, listen to their episode of Time for bRUNch HERE!

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