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Making your miles magical: Fundraising while Training

Fundraising for charity is a noble endeavor, and combining it with training for a race is a great way to achieve personal fitness goals while supporting a good cause. However, tackling fundraising goals while training for a race can be unnerving. Here are some tips to help you smash your charity bib fundraising goals while rocking your training miles!

Choose a Charity You are Passionate About

Choosing a charity that aligns with your personal beliefs and values will make connecting with potential donors easier. Research charities and find one that you are passionate about supporting. If the charity's mission statement doesn’t speak to your heart, it likely won’t speak to the heart of your future donors.

Create a Compelling Fundraising Page

Great, you found a charity that speaks to your heart! Now it’s time to put that passion you feel to good use by creating a compelling and easy-to-read fundraising page. Use a catchy headline and tell your story. Explain why you are fundraising and how the charity will benefit from the funds raised. Use pictures and videos to add visual interest to your page.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Use social media to promote your fundraising campaign. Share your fundraising page on your social media platforms, and encourage your friends and followers to donate. You can also use social media to share updates on your training progress and to thank your donors.

Use Your Unique Talents

In the infamous words of RuPaul, put your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve,

and talent to good use. While we would love for folks to connect to our charities

with the same passion we do, some folks need a few extra incentives.

So if you are a phenomenal baker, this is the time to host a bake sale for work or your local church. Love organizing? Offer your services to friends and family in exchange for donations.

Host a Fundraiser

Host a fundraiser to raise money for your chosen charity. There are many excellent resources and local businesses with “Give Back” nights. This is your time to reach out to organizations in town and find out how to host a fun bowling party, beer mile, or maybe a pasta party; here is a great resource to find restaurants hosting charity nights.

Raffles and Lotteries

Raffles and lotteries are popular ways to raise funds for charities and non-profit organizations. They are fun, easy to organize, and generate significant money for your cause. This is, again, a great chance to connect with local businesses. While they may not be able to give you monetary donations, you may be able to get gift certificates, products, or services donated for your raffles. However, it's important to ensure that your raffle or lottery is legal and meets all the regulations set by your local authorities.

Follow Up with Donors

Follow up with your donors to thank them for their contributions. Share updates on your training progress and tell them how much their donation means to you and the charity. This will help build relationships with your donors and may encourage them to donate again.

Check into corporate matching gifts

Double your donation by reaching out to your employer! Or the employers of your donors. Corporate matching gifts are a great way to increase the impact of donations made to non-profit organizations by employees. Many companies offer a matching gift program where they match the donations made by their employees to eligible non-profit organizations, typically dollar-for-dollar. This means that a donation of $100 can turn into a $200 contribution with the help of the matching gift program. Corporate matching gifts are a simple and effective way to make a bigger impact on the causes you care about. Not sure how to find out if your organization will match your donation? Contact human resources or check out this resource here to see if your company matches donations.

Have Fun

Remember to have fun during training and fundraising. Participating in a race for a good cause is a rewarding experience, and the journey can be just as fulfilling as the result. Celebrate your successes along the way and enjoy the process.

Fundraising for a charity while training for a race can be challenging, but it is also a rewarding experience. Did you know that TFB Training provides workshops for fundraising and running? Sign up for our newsletter to get notified when our workshops are coming up!

Good luck and happy fundraising!

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