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Fun Fuel: April Fools Edition

*We may not be huge on tricks but we can get down with these treats*

This week is a test of our skills in making our Team Sweet and Team Savory taste "on brand" while looking like our rivals. Let's just say, both of these are mouth-watering, slightly confusing, and all-around a great way to capture the April Fool's fun in a "light" joking way.

Our Team Sweet is making a Carrot Cake Meat Loaf---we'll let that sink in for a second. While this may look like a cake iced to perfection, crusted with coconut, and ready to be washed down with a cold glass of milk, you may have to take a beat before digging in.

Instead, this meatloaf is packed with carrots, meat, and encapsulated in fluffy mashed potatoes. This is a fun way to spend some recovery time post-run and fuel for your next workout.

Meat Loaf Cake for Two Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Next up, Team Savory is throwing some nostalgia into our week with some good ole fashion fast food. Chicken nuggets and French Fries always hit the spot, these are no different.

Don't worry though, these aren't fried AND are vegetarian-friendly. On the outside, you're ready for the crunch but then get soft and fluffy bites of cake instead. The ingredients are minimal, the prep is a breeze, and these are guaranteed to give a good laugh at how realistic they look.

Photo by @Chelseasmessyapron Photo by @Chelseasmessyapron

Which one makes you giggle with delight? Are you a fan of the "Food Imposter" trend?

Let us know if you try these recipes and share your creations by tagging us on social media @timeforbrunchpodcast

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