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Club runDisney with @noolrunnings

Right now our wallets are screaming "NO!!!!" while our Disney princess-loving hearts are singing "Just want to be, part of your worlddddddddddd!"

That's right folks, Club runDisney signup is fast approaching on May 23rd for the general public, and if your head was spinning trying to figure out what level gets what, you weren't alone.

Thankfully we have a friend who not only brings the runDisney sparkle and magic but happens to be pretty handy with graphics. Aaron Nool of @noolrunnings put together an easy-to-understand guide for each race, each level, and covering the rest of this race year and beyond. If Aaron's name sounds familiar it's because he already brought his literal craftsmanship to the bRUNch table pre-princess weekend and graciously came back for more (what a brave brave soul 😉)

While you can check him out on Instagram and see the magical graphics, we also wanted to put them here for safekeeping for all to have, enjoy, and learn from!

Have more questions we didn't cover in the NEW episode? Feel free to reach out to us or Aaron to chat!

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