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Cha-Cha-Cha Changinggggg

Modern-day humans aren’t the most adaptable folks around. There is a reason we love the same hoodie we’ve had since our early 20’s, why we refuse to change our orders at our favorite restaurants, and why we runners tend to never deviate much from our tried and true routes.

Familiarity is comfortable and reassuring. However, complacency is also the death of progress and growth.

It may be a harsh way to say it but hear us out. No one has grown from doing the exact same thing for their entire life. Had running not entered our lives when it did, we may not have become the people or coaches we are today. Had we not signed up for our first race (something we’d never done) we wouldn’t have grown and taken all of the micro-steps that brought us to each other and to this podcast.

Point blank: if we stayed in our comfort zone, Time for bRUNch wouldn’t exist.

This week on the show we talk a lot about embracing change (even when it’s scary) and trying new things instead of gripping to the past like it’s your favorite pair of running shoes on sale for 50% off. While you may run to the same playlist, on the same route, at the same speed, and it may work—-it’s not allowing you to go to the next level, you are simply running in the safe zone.

Even though we aren’t suggesting you go from your “safe zone” to running huge hills, there are many small ways to evoke safe discomfort that can eventually lead to bigger course corrections, detours, and ultimately, growth. Some of the below suggestions could be running or non-running related, some may seem so small you’ll wonder if they’ll work, but remember that we all started the same way: one step, one walk, one run at a time.

  • Run your normal route backward--no, not literally run backward. Start at your normal end and work your way to the normal beginning.

  • Change your coffee order; usually get iced? Try a hot drink! Coach Shelby has been doing this and found something new to fill her cup (Venti cappuccino with almond milk)

  • Usually listen to music? Listen to a podcast! (We happen to know of one, JUST saying 😉) or even try out a new playlist put together by fabulous podcast hosts

  • Reach out to a friend to meet for a run, go to dinner, or just call them vs text.

  • Try a new shoe brand at the store! Even if you don’t buy them, you may find something that intrigues you to look into!

  • Always run in leggings? Bring out the shorts!

  • Used to watching TV before bed? Grab a book instead! We have a LONG list of our favorite running books HERE

You may completely hate what you try, and that’s OK! It’s not about finding new loves every time (all frogs can’t be princes) it’s about not letting life pass you. WE are in charge of our life and no matter what every day is going to turn to night regardless if we use the hours wisely or not. What does matter is that we keep reminding ourselves that everything we love was once new—-even our show was new not even 6 months ago, but here we are. You all embraced us, welcomed us, and took a chance on our new venture just like we did.

If you ask us, that chance was worth taking 😉

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