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2022 TFB Reflections Heading into 2023

With resolutions, intentions, goal setting, and visualization on everyone's mind it only seemed right to write a little open journal of our own.

2022. There is a lot that can be said---even in an hour-plus podcast, it still didn't seem like enough time. Is anyone surprised that we have MORE to say?

There didn't seem to be enough time to tell all of our bRUNch crew how much we appreciate them, how amazing this journey has been so far, or how this new year feels like both a continuation and a re-birth.

If you listened to our origin story or knew us from our pre-bRUNch days, you know that this year hasn't been without its curve balls. Even with all that being said, every small step (good or bad) brought us here. Time for bRUNch is home and we are doing everything in our power to grow, thrive, and put good into the world while also working to run a small business (No big deal right? TOTALLY easyyyyyy---*Insert sarcastic tone*)

In just 4 short months we've already had some AMAZING guests and organizations on the show, worked with a non-profit to create an exclusive branded podcast, and hit over 8,000 downloads. Each month is another building block and another step towards what we hope will be a long and prosperous journey. With that in mind, we keep working, pushing, reaching out, and practicing what we preach as coaches and hosts---One step at a time.

Regardless if this year has been a banner year full of PRs, promotions, and parties or if it's been a year of growth, highs/lows, and less sparkly than you'd prefer----you made it here and have a heck of a story to look back on.

While we aren't fans of the "New Year, New You" mentality we are fans of looking forward with excitement. 365 days of new opportunities, new adventures, new races, and a new year to grow 1 day at a time. Will it be smooth sailing? No, that would be unrealistic. But, it's 110% worth it to go through each day believing that wonderful things are ahead and even when it isn't smooth sailing to remember these quotes from Coach Shelby's grandparents.

"This too shall pass" and "Better days are ahead" because each day the sun will come up, each night the moon will rise, and each day is a gift to be thankful for.

We are forever thankful for your support, kindness, openness, and the love you've shown us this year. We can't wait to continue on this journey with you. With a raise of our coffee cups, a smile, and a hug, we wish you all a very Happy New Year, and let's go have a blast in 2023.

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