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11 Tips to Tackle the Time Change

After Coach Shelby got over her whining about the time change, we got to work!

The truth is that it doesn't matter when it's dark, light, sunny, or rainy; there are miles to be logged! Especially during a training cycle or race, we don't always have the luxury to pick when or how we get our runs in. We pivot, evolve, and keep our feet moving forward.

First off, in case you haven't been keeping up with the calendar, we are about to "lose an hour". No, not like how Shelby loses her mind when she sees a Port-O-Potty......On March 12th, 2023 our clocks will "Spring Forward" and hour and therefore making our morning darker and our evenings lighter. One running group is jumping for joy and sent the other group to buy headlamps.

When you get down to the nitty gritty though this isn't just a suck-it-up buttercup situation. Yes, we have to keep training, there are more obstacles in the way, but how do we not allow them to swallow us whole?

In the words of Coaches Christine and Shelby, let's unpack this!!!!

Morning Runner Tips:

  • Light yourself UP! Wear headlamps, neon clothes, NoxGear, and all of the flashing lights available to you. Especially during the beginning of the time change, everyone is getting used to it being darker than normal. This isn't the time to put down the lights---Instead of taking off an accessory before leaving the house, put five on 😉

  • Double Up: This may be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and find a running buddy or group to meet up with. We get that it would be intimidating so maybe embrace the dark and find some light.

  • Take on the Treadmill: Maybe you have a gym membership or a treadmill that you use as a clothes hanger (no judgment) and you're able to ease your way back into your morning routine without having the get out the door.

  • Exile your Alarm Clock: MOVE IT AWAY FROM YOUR BED! We've heard it before but it truly is magic. You can't just turn over to hit snooze, you more than likely won't get back into bed after getting up, and most importantly you won't want to risk letting it ring too long and wake everyone else up (parent reading this know what I'm talking about) Maybe even look into Christine's fancy sunrise clock!

Evening Runner Tips:

  • Dress the Part: If you work from home, wear your running clothes all day. If you go to an office, bring your gear with you. We are less likely to skip our workout if we are dressed and ready to go or can go right from work to our run. Being committed even 5% extra makes it easier to go the other 95%. If we go home to change, we lose steam. If we are at home and comfy, we don't want to change to go out. Taking those variables out of the equation can set you up for better follow through

  • Snack Attack: A fueled runner is a strong runner, we can't run on empty! If you are working out in the evening the last thing you are going to want is a big dinner sitting in your stomach. However, a snack to help ward off hunger and give you an extra pep can be the difference between bonking and thriving on the go. Need some extra inspo? Check out our go-to dietician Apple Sauce Amy on the show and on Instagram for practical and easy-grab ideas!

  • Sweat Before Snoozing: This one can be tricky. Even though exercising at night can improve your sleep, if you work out too close to bedtime it can hype you up and make it harder to wind down. Try to get sweaty at least 1 hour before bedtime and ideally 90 min before if possible. Doing a harder workout? Leave more time in between and make sure you pay attention to that cool-down! Give your body a chance to switch gears.

  • Don't Forget Bedtime: Just because you are maximizing your nights doesn't mean you can sit up and scroll (unless it's through our Instagram or blogs of course 😉). Make sure you are taking the time after running, dinner, etc., to take a breather and set yourself up for the next day ahead. Even some short meditation can help shift your brain from GO MODE to ZzZzZ mode.

Even if you are still trying to find your groove, figure out when you want to work out, and how to make it all work some general tips work no matter WHEN you decide to run:

  • Keep your bedtime and Wakeup the Same: As tempting as it is to snooze some more or watch another episode, you want to stick to your "normal" routine for the first few days especially to have more of a seamless transition

  • Don't Stress: We are ALL feeling the "WTF" moment and don't worry if it doesn't go as planned. Even if the first few days or weeks get off to a bumpy start, you've got this and will settle into the "new norm"

  • Cut Back: You know we love our coffee but even we are going to try to have a little less caffeine to make the time change easier. Caffeine pumps you up and can make it harder to fall asleep so maybe skip that extra shot of espresso, make the coffee a small, and remember that we are trained professional coffee drinkers and not everyone can handle our intake 😉

We got this y'all!! Let's get our sleep, work it out, and take our vitamins! (Purely using that ending line to share the new song I'm loving!)

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